Flawless Father of the Bride Wedding Speech Tips For You!

father of the bride

The most epic wedding speech on your special day that rocks, is the first toast of the evening from your father. It is very important to you, the bride and groom – the happy newlyweds that he presents it flawlessly.

And has the bravery of standing in front of your guests to deliver it. Not only will, your dad “spin a yarn” but he’ll proudly announce that he’s the father of the bride. But, he should command the audience and give a short snappy, memorable tribute. However, giving a lovey dovey speech is not everyone’s forte.

With these tips and tricks he’ll get your guests on board right from the get go. So, before we begin, let’s read a little background history. According to tradition, he’ll walk you down the aisle and have a daddy daughter dance at the party.

And there’s more… If he or you are contemplating about the task ahead, it could trigger moments of anxiety. Therefore, get creative and come up with a surprisingly original witty speech. This way he’ll have them eating out of his hand. Let’s dive into some interesting insights together about speech-making… 

Father of the bride

epic wedding speech

Father of the bride during a toast

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1.Father of the Bride has knowledgeable wedding day insight

Get the ball rolling. He must begin by welcoming and thanking the guests for attending the wedding. Then acknowledge the groom’s parents and welcome your new husband, his son-in-law to the family. Next, he doesn’t have to share hair raising information. Just bowl over the wedding guests with a meaningful and insightful speech.

2.Bride’s father has knowledgeable wedding day insight

In addition, don’t quote inside-jokes but use soundbites. Allow dad to share thought-provoking memories that no one else knows about your childhood. And how you have grown into a beautiful woman (keep it fun and clean). Your father should exercise his authority with a positive speech full of inspiring news. Tips: Deliver an epic wedding toast. Otherwise, he can perform a reading that has deep meaning for you both.

3. The wedding vibe that moves him and the guests to tears

Secondly, keep the speech light and avoid any pessimistic views. Focus on the positive stuff. Get dad to make eye contact and project his voice during the speech. Your dad’s energy should be contagious. Once he has connected with that special person in the audience – be it the mother-in-law, your other partner or a child playing joyfully – their energies will create a magical spark.

father of the bride wedding speech bride and groom watch dad give talk

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4. Best kept wedding speech secret

Whatever you wish to call it – stage fright, fear or first night nerves – it’s normal when giving a confident wedding speech. It makes everyone realize how influential his role is. And how much your dad’s relationship means to you and the groom. Family and friends know it too. They trust the parent of the bride to do a good job.

5. Wing the wedding toast and enjoy the moment of triumph

He is your father and he feels terrified. However, there is no need to be because the impending toast is a salute. It’s your dads finale, his loving gesture. Don’t spoil the special occasion. Get your dad to convey his best wishes, hopes and dreams for you his daughter and your husband. For an idea of how to depict the mood and spirit of the guests read the speech by Tony Winder – www.hitched.co.uk/wedding-speeches/example_father-of-the-bridegroom_speeches_3/tony-winder

6. The ritual and mental preparation before the big day

Plan a ritual and mentally prepare before dad makes your wedding speech. This could be a sequence of activities that calm his nerves, gives you and him positive energy. Shut out negative thoughts. A little pray, special trinket and deep deep breaths can all help. Otherwise drink tea, gargle salt water, sit in the toilet beforehand, jump up and down or chant. Whatever works!

Father of the bride giving a speech and daughter and mum smiling

“Remember to avoid anything crude, rude or humiliating. Keep it granny friendly. — Heide Ellert” Photo credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/huxhombre/

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7. Wear the best epic wedding speech outfit ever

As the father of the bride he needs to look sharp in his glad rags. Wear something absolutely fabulous, this makes dad feel wonderful and confident. However, dad shouldn’t upstage you the wedding couple with his choice of outfit. It should be dad’s meaningful epic wedding speech that blows the guests away. If all else fails, dad should have a little bit of Dutch courage (a tipple) before the toast.

8. Get help with giving an epic wedding speech

Finally, ask the best man or groomsmen to help dad or you revise the reading. If he really can’t figure it out to write a wedding speech, hire a copywriter to write one for him. As the couple’s keynote speaker a copywriter works with you to capture the essence of your strong and special bond. They’ll highlight all the things you wish dad to say in a concise, captivating and snappy way.

Over to you…

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