English Wedding Celebrant @ Vondelkerk Wedding Venue

English Wedding Celebrant @ Vondelkerk Wedding Venue

02/05/2020 15:00 – 17:00

Vondelkerk wedding venue is a gothic landmark where celebrant-led weddings can be hosted. The English Wedding Celebrant will officiate an international couples symbolic marriage ceremony in May 2021.

Vondelkerk Wedding Venue

vondelkerk wedding venue bride and groom sitting at church altar

Vondelkerk wedding venue in Amsterdam the perfect setting for a symbolic ceremony officiated by a wedding celebrant or marriage officiant.

Stadsherstel – Monument

Under the hood of Stadsherstel,  Vondelkerk is a gothic landmark and a happy marriage of classic charm and contemporary style. Not to mention, it’s the perfect location for a wedding.

Since its founding, 60 years ago, Stadsherstel Amsterdam has been a big player in historical Amsterdam. The restoration company has re-developed lots of Dutch structures. In fact, Stadsherstel features many types of monuments within an urban or rural environment. It’s made a mark on the city. More importantly, restoring great historic monuments is Stadsherstel key objective.

Furthermore, preserving historical buildings is their passion. Actually, the heritage group ensures the true character of the listed building remains intact. Moreover, with their efforts further development prevents damage to the existing architectural style”. Vondelkerk – Stadsherstel. 

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