Wazzup Singers@Studio Zoost & ZuidoostPartners Meeting

studio zoost - DGAI Wazzup Singers met ZuidoostPartners

Wazzup Singers@Studio Zoost & ZuidoostPartners Meeting

22/11/2018 12:00 – 14:00 Studio Zoost, Amsterdam

Studio Zoost proudly presents the DGAI – Wazzup Singers. And during the meeting of ZudioostPartners they had the privilege to perform a few songs.

Secondly, Henk Markerink and Daniel Haaijman of Studio Zoost hosted the event. Furthermore, the advisory meeting of ZuidoostPartners, took place on Thursday, November 22 from 12.00 – 13.30. And in the ‘Join & Connect’ conference room at Studio Zoost on the ArenA Boulevard various topics were discussed.

Agenda of the Advisory Council ZuidoostPartners

* Opening by chairman Henk Markerink

* Intro host Daniël Haaijman from Zoost

* Presentation Arno Gorissen 50 years of Bijlmer – 10 years of ZuidoostPartners

* Next Intermezzo

* And developments in Amsterdam Zuidoost

*Finally, any other business



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