ABC Amsterdam Black Music Gospel Choir@Spaces Offices Vijzelstraat

ABC Amsterdam Black Music Gospel Choir@Spaces Offices Vijzelstraat

02/11/2018 12:00 – 13:15 Spaces Vijzelstraat, Amsterdam

At the grand opening of Spaces Offices Vijzelstraat in Amsterdam the ABC black music gospel choir shall perform a few gospel and soul hits. This is to accompany the launch of Spaces Offices music room in the heart of the buzzing city.

ABC Black Music Gospel Choir at the Spaces Offices Vijzelstraat - Amsterdam

Spaces Offices Vijzelstraat

Well-known contemporary gospel and soul music guarantee an entertaining and joyous opening event. The public can watch the choirs’ moves and listen to the stunning sounds of gospel & soul music.

“Welcome to Spaces — your place to work. Where you’ll watch businesses grow because of people and ideas. Where you’ll surround yourself with those who love what they do. And where nothing beats a mental block like a really great cup of coffee served up by one of our expert baristas.” Source:

So, come along to Spaces Offices  – Amsterdam it will be a fun, enjoyable, exciting and music filled lunch time event! For more information go to



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