Clover Jean@Brandon Delagraentiss Show with Shirma Rouse

Clover Jean@Brandon Delagraentiss Show with Shirma Rouse

06/10/2018 18:30 – 21:30 Paard van Troje – Concert Hall, Den Haag

In collaboration with Brandon Delagraentiss and Shirma Rouse I’ll be performing together with “The Amsterdam Gospel Experience” choir.  During his new show, “Hot, LIVE & More”, we will perform a number of gospel songs.

Shirma Rouse

*** PREMIERE *** After the huge success of Brandon Delagraentiss’s 1st SOLD OUT theater show, he’ll present a new one on the 6th October 2018. With Dutch superstar singer Shirma Rouse and Brandon’s youngest sister (Britney) Delagraentiss from Chicago, it’s going to be a memorable concert. And the best news is… the LIVE band “OnVibe” will complete the line-up of outstanding musicians. Guaranteed to be an evening full of great music and fun entertainment, you cannot afford to miss this show! So, go here for more information:

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