Rhythm Coaching with Clover Jean Weddings & Entertainment

Rhythm Coaching with Clover Jean Weddings & Entertainment

05/11/2019 18:00 – 21:00

Clover Jean’s rhythm coaching session boosted SHV Energy team’s spirit. It was a fun combination of gospel singing and simple and Caribbean rhythms. The session in honor of two directors who were leaving the company was a great success!

Rhythm Coaching 

Rhythm coach

James Wattstraat Amsterdam Image Oscar Vinck


“Our CEO was very happy and we received some amazing feedback about Clover Jean’s rhythm coaching with gospel.  Thanks.”

Alicia Neveling – SHV Energy Global Internal Communications Officer


Why did SHV Energy choose Clover Jean’s rhythm coaching? We were looking for a distinctive retirement party celebration idea. So, we opted for a combination singing telegram service combined rhythm coaching a la Sister Act Gospel show.

Where  did it take place? The rhythm coaching corporate event took place at Karel IV Grand Hotel Utrecht. It was an amazing event and shall last in the memory of everyone.

But, what is a singing telegram service?

Well,  Clover Jean’s rhythm coach writes personalized text to accompany a song choice from her playlist. And with the information and anecdotes you provide, we create something uniquely yours. Wouldn’t you love to see the look of surprise on the face of the person when they realize the song is especially for them?

Rythm coaching woman wearing a purple and silver velour dress with a tamborine in her hand

Rhythm coaching location @ Nieuwestad Kerk – Amsterdam Zuidoost image Dorytha.nl

How can you boost your team’s energy & flow?

Would you like to get more out of your works lunch time? And are you looking for an original, stress-free and short activity during the break with your fellow team mates?

As a natural soul rhythm coach, I can help you boost your energy during the lunch break. Forget the afternoon dip. Feel fresh and fruity, ready to get back to work, to tackle any afternoon assignments.

With a fun 30-minute soul rhythm coach [singing sound workshop] you can reclaim your spark and feel vibrant again. During the short playful session discover your natural groove and unique speaking voice.

Why not, give yourself the opportunity to perform your tasks better, increase productivity and improve interaction with your coworkers. Become aware of the rhythm and melody of your special sound and transform the entire day.

The cost of hosting this exciting and exclusive event won’t break the bank! So, contact me today for more information on booking Clover Jean’s rhythm coaching session.




About Clover Jean: I'm a Londoner based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Being a ceremonial wedding - symbolic marriage officiant with a gospel & soul choir is rewarding work. So, my guilty pleasures are fine dining, travel hot spots and on-line retail therapy. What's yours? Get in touch, via Instagram #cloverjeanamsterdam or Facebook. LIKE, SHARE, SPREAD THE LOVE & see you soon!

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