Past Events

Lakei Jeanette uit Amsterdam at Lustrumfeest, Haarlem

17/05/2016 19:30 Sociëteit Vereeniging, Haarlem
Butlerette Jeanette & Valet (Lakey) Robèrt welcome members of the Sociëteit Vereeniging, Haarlem.

Tennisvereninging Smashing Pink Amsterdam viert feest

14/05/2016 All Day Smashing Pink, Amsterdam

Granny Josephine is B.A.C

14/03/2016 20:00 – 22:00 Betty Asfalt Complex, Amsterdam
Granny Josephine will be confessing all in her newest show called “No Blues for Shoes!”. Come along and let Granny Josephine share with you some tragic, colourful and comical sides about falling in and out of love!

She would like to know; “Did your partner, lover, husband or wife ever by you any shoes?” Well, none of her men did! Granny Josephine will also sing her own songs. See you there!

Babs voor een dag – The English Speaking Celebrant

27/02/2016 14:00 – 17:00
As Babs voor een dag – The English Celebrant (trouwambtenaar) I had the honor to preside over the wedding ceremony of Arija & Jasper.

BABS VOOR EEN DAG – The Singing Trouwambtenaar

The ceremonial marriage service took place at the Brasserij De Boerderij – Sonsbeekpark, Arnhem. Watch the video below or or contact me for more details on +31 (0) 6 148 17242


Dear Clover Jean,

On 27 June 2015 you performed as our ceremonial wedding celebrant in Arnhem.

We had a wonderful day and truly enjoyed the experience. And it was awesome, just what we wanted. In fact, we can’t thank you enough for the wow factor!

You created a special moment for us, the precious memory will stay in our minds eye forever.

Not only were we impressed with the way you lead our ceremony, you engaged with our guests too. They couldn’t stop raving about you. Of course, we told them who you were and where they could find you.

So, I reckon you left a lasting impression on everyone. Your speech and beautiful singing was the highlight of our wedding day.

We wonder how the film turned out?

Anyway, thank you again for your contribution to our amazing wedding day, it really was truly one to remember!

Groetjes Arija, Jasper en Rick Saarloos J

Stadsschouwburg Amsterdam – a wonderful experience in a leading role

01/01/2016 20:30 – 22:00 Stadsschouwburg, Amsterdam
100% Amsterdam was a marvelous show at the Stadsschouwburg in Amsterdam. I had a wonderful experience during my leading role. The performance was a unique theatrical experiment in which I, as resident of Amsterdam shared my real life story. View a clip after the jump…

Afscheidsreceptie Wethouder Lieke Thesingh

01/01/2016 All Day Basisschool De Kraal, Amsterdam
A farewell reception was held for the Amsterdam’s local councillor Lieke Thesingh. Clover Jean (vocals), Axel van Duin (bass guitar) and Lorand Sarna (guitar) performed live jazz music at the event.

Singing Wedding Celebrant @ Brasserie De Boerderij

27/06/2015 14:00 – 17:00 Brasserie De Boerderij, Arnhem
At the Brasserie De Boerderij I had the pleasure as the singing celebrant to conduct Jasper and Arija summer wedding. Read the testimonial:


We cannot thank you enough! On the most beautiful day of the year you performed as our singing wedding celebrant in Arnhem. We have experienced this as very nice and beautiful day.

It gave us a precious memory and a great feeling. You really added the wow-factor to our wedding. In fact, everyone enjoyed listening to you and was moved by your beautiful singing.  Many thanks Arija & Jasper.

Brasserie de boerderij – Park Sonsbeek

Brasserie de boerderij - Park Sonsbeek zingende babs floating circle wedding seating

Foto met dank aan: Dorytha Pang-Atjok

 Watch the real wedding show!

On the most beautiful day of your life, you want to pronounce the words ‘Yes, I do!’ Of course, you can do that at the most exclusive location in Arnhem. So say ‘yes’ and get married in Park Sonsbeek.

A perfect wedding day, completely according to your wishes. From start to finish we can support and advise you in the planning of your special day. Brasserie De Boerderij in Park Sonsbeek is one of the most unique wedding locations in Arnhem and we have everything to make your big day an unforgettable one. Source:

The English Celebrant@Ridge Farm – Horsham, Surrey

06/06/2015 14:00 – 17:00 Ridge Farm Studios, Capel
Dear Clover, Thank you for being on-board our wedding at Ridge Farm Horsham  Surrey. We are a passionate couple who desired a whimsical themed wedding ceremony. And it was important for us to exchange vows that were personal and from the heart. As well as actively get family and friends on-board. You did that, thanks! S. Kerr & C. Black

Ridge Farm Horsham  Surrey | wedding consultation

The e-mail read: “Dear Clover, We’ve sorted out our legal formalities for our marriage. And want a personal touch to our wedding ceremony. We would like a fun surprise and one-of-a-kind love party. We were thinking about a Sister Act movie wedding theme. Are you able to carry out the ceremony and sing, too?” Yes of course! S. Kerr, C. Black and I agreed to Skype twice and met up on the day before the festivities to finalize the details.


Alternative wedding celebrant @ Ridge Farm, Horsham UK

Read the testimonial…

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