Past Events

English Wedding Celebrant @ Vondelkerk Wedding Venue

02/05/2020 15:00 – 17:00
Vondelkerk wedding venue is a gothic landmark where celebrant-led weddings can be hosted. The English Wedding Celebrant will officiate an international couples symbolic marriage ceremony in May 2021.

Vondelkerk Wedding Venue

vondelkerk wedding venue bride and groom sitting at church altar

Vondelkerk wedding venue in Amsterdam the perfect setting for a symbolic ceremony officiated by a wedding celebrant or marriage officiant.

Stadsherstel – Monument

Under the hood of Stadsherstel,  Vondelkerk is a gothic landmark and a happy marriage of classic charm and contemporary style. Not to mention, it’s the perfect location for a wedding.

Since its founding, 60 years ago, Stadsherstel Amsterdam has been a big player in historical Amsterdam. The restoration company has re-developed lots of Dutch structures. In fact, Stadsherstel features many types of monuments within an urban or rural environment. It’s made a mark on the city. More importantly, restoring great historic monuments is Stadsherstel key objective.

Furthermore, preserving historical buildings is their passion. Actually, the heritage group ensures the true character of the listed building remains intact. Moreover, with their efforts further development prevents damage to the existing architectural style”. Vondelkerk – Stadsherstel. 

Rhythm Coaching with Clover Jean Weddings & Entertainment

05/11/2019 18:00 – 21:00
Clover Jean’s rhythm coaching session boosted SHV Energy team’s spirit. It was a fun combination of gospel singing and simple and Caribbean rhythms. The session in honor of two directors who were leaving the company was a great success!

Rhythm Coaching 

Rhythm coach

James Wattstraat Amsterdam Image Oscar Vinck


“Our CEO was very happy and we received some amazing feedback about Clover Jean’s rhythm coaching with gospel.  Thanks.”

Alicia Neveling – SHV Energy Global Internal Communications Officer


Why did SHV Energy choose Clover Jean’s rhythm coaching? We were looking for a distinctive retirement party celebration idea. So, we opted for a combination singing telegram service combined rhythm coaching a la Sister Act Gospel show.

Where  did it take place? The rhythm coaching corporate event took place at Karel IV Grand Hotel Utrecht. It was an amazing event and shall last in the memory of everyone.

But, what is a singing telegram service?

Well,  Clover Jean’s rhythm coach writes personalized text to accompany a song choice from her playlist. And with the information and anecdotes you provide, we create something uniquely yours. Wouldn’t you love to see the look of surprise on the face of the person when they realize the song is especially for them?

Rythm coaching woman wearing a purple and silver velour dress with a tamborine in her hand

Rhythm coaching location @ Nieuwestad Kerk – Amsterdam Zuidoost image

How can you boost your team’s energy & flow?

Would you like to get more out of your works lunch time? And are you looking for an original, stress-free and short activity during the break with your fellow team mates?

As a natural soul rhythm coach, I can help you boost your energy during the lunch break. Forget the afternoon dip. Feel fresh and fruity, ready to get back to work, to tackle any afternoon assignments.

With a fun 30-minute soul rhythm coach [singing sound workshop] you can reclaim your spark and feel vibrant again. During the short playful session discover your natural groove and unique speaking voice.

Why not, give yourself the opportunity to perform your tasks better, increase productivity and improve interaction with your coworkers. Become aware of the rhythm and melody of your special sound and transform the entire day.

The cost of hosting this exciting and exclusive event won’t break the bank! So, contact me today for more information on booking Clover Jean’s rhythm coaching session.




Appelsientje: Fruit Juice Company Advert Featuring Clover Jean

30/09/2019 – 30/09/2020 All Day
The Dutch fruit drinks company Appelsientje is back. This advert features me Clover Jean. After a successful audition round, I was given a supporting role in their latest commercial.


With the ultimate summer feeling, new packaging and new products, they are still the best thirst-quencher under the sun.


Part II

Basically, they’ve transformed the taste of Appelsientje into a positive beverage for the summertime and beyond. And it’s a refreshing alternative to soft drinks. Appelsientje drink is a satisfying and enjoyable drink for everyone.

appelsientje real weddings celebrant dressed in blue smiling


With the products of this drinks company you can enjoy the best sun-ripened fruit. Even more exciting it has no added sugars or sweeteners. And no preservatives, because the products are briefly heated for shelf life. It’s tastiest and best drink ever.

The goodness of juice

Do you start the day with a glass of fresh juice? Well, this juice drink has been made from pressed fruit and nothing else. Read all about what this juice has to offer besides the delicious taste.

Purity begins at the origin

Where are the oranges from? The oranges originate from the Brazilian orchards. For 40 years this drinks company has had a passion for fruit and juice. In fact, their care for quality, nature and people makes them one of the best drink companies in Holland. Purity starts at the origin, get more information now!

Wedding Celebrant – Zingende BABS All Together Now Jurylid

03/05/2019 – 14/06/2019 20:30 – 22:00 EndemolShine Nederland BV, Amsterdam
All Together Now is a reality television music competition. And I’m proud to announce that I am one of the 100 jury members. The music show aired on the 3rd May. And a record 1.1 million Dutch viewers tuned in for Friday’s premiere.

All Together Now Juryleden

Additionally, the All Together Now Dutch edition is presented by Chantal Janzen and Jamai Loman. Moreover, the  “All Together Now juryleden” will be aired from the 3rd May until 14th June 2019 @ 20:30pm. RTL4

zingende BABS gekleed in zilver jumpsuit tijdens All Together Now juryleden- RTL4

Wedding Celebrant – Clover Jean | All Together Now – Jury Member

Naming Day Celebration Testimonial – Clover Jean Celebrant

31/03/2019 All Day Het Concertgemaal, Amsterdam
The naming day celebration took place at Het Concertgemaal in Amsterdam. Clover Jean celebrant composed a beautiful script and conducted an awesome ceremony. The private get together to welcome the twins was everything we hoped for and more.

What is a naming day celebration? Well, if you’re not religious and do not want a christening service, then a non-religious alternative ceremony is for you. It is the ideal way to celebrate the arrival of your child. The special ceremony happens outside a place of worship.

Naming Day Celebration| Testimonial

Oh Clover Jean – THANK YOU! The naming ceremony at the watermill in Amsterdam was great. And everything we hoped for and more! We all had the most perfect day and you were a big part of that. Thank you for bringing the sunshine!

We will definitely be recommending your baby naming services!

Big hugs,

The Hollinks xxx




Singing Telegram Service Amsterdam @ Red Bar Hotel De Hallen

23/11/2018 21:00 – 22:00 De Rode Bar – De Hallen, Amsterdam
At the Red Bar Hotel De Hallen the singing telegram service Amsterdam was delivered to a very special wedding couple on the grooms’ birthday.

Dear Clover Jean,

You have always been generous, gracious and kind. And thank you for being such a supportive friend. Without your help this surprise party would not have been a success. Thank you again from the bottom of my heart. Warm regards, Sanaa.


Singing Telegram Service Amsterdam

From gospel, blues to Motown-Soul it was an thrilling surprise. On top of that, while the musie played, everyone relished in the sounds.

Red BAR: Not only are you able to dine in the evening 7 days a week but Red Bar Hotel De Hallen serve you breakfast, lunch, supper and an evening meal. Enjoy their special events with an inviting dish and appetizing cocktails.

The Red Bar Hotel De Hallen offers you a relaxed environment to work on your laptop. Otherwise, pop over to the lobby and spacious terrace to complete your assignment. Moreover, if you’re staying in the hotel, Vondel hotels room service is exceptional and at your disposal.

For more information about Vondel Hotels and their restaurants go to Remise47.

Het Grachtenhuis Herengracht Wedding Venue - Review

Het Grachtenhuis Herengracht Wedding Venue – Review

05/11/2017 15:30 – 16:15 Het Grachtenhuis, Amsterdam
Het Grachtenhuis Herengracht Wedding Venue situaded in the heart of Amsterdam near the “negen straatjes”- Review by Clover Jean Weddings. Read on for planning inspiration.

Het Grachtenhuis Herengracht Wedding Venue

Het Grachtenhuis Herengracht Wedding Venue - Review couple smiling at the celebrant conducting the ceremony at Herengracht museum, AmsterdamCouple: Valeria and Joeri

Venue: Museum – Het grachtenhuis, Amsterdam

Date: 5th November 2017

Valeria and Joeri are a charming international wedding couple. The bride is Italian, and the groom is Dutch. They live in Amsterdam. This down to earth and passionate pair love life and are inseparable.

Their small intimate wedding day echoed the importance of a close-knit family, their special bond and ceremonial love songs. They wanted to keep it personable and exciting. The focus was the joining of two unique families and creating a special welcoming ambiance for everyone.

Read more about Clover Jean Weddings – real Dutch wedding ceremony at


Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam - Voice Over "I'm A Native Foreigner"

Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam – Voice Over "I'm A Native Foreigner"

23/09/2017 – 02/06/2018 All Day Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, Amsterdam
Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam – Exhibition featuring Clover Jean voice over actor. Read the experience of a British expat from Afro-Caribbean roots.

Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam – “I’m a born foreigner”

stedelijk museum amsterdam

Modern exposition about migration

The Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam is the museum of modern and contemporary art. In 2017 – 2018 the Stedelijk Museum presents a new exposition that explores various aspects of migration.

“I’m a born foreigner”, is a collection that depicts how the impact of migration has affected today’s artists. As a Britsh expat from Afro Carribean roots,  and voice-over actor I contributed to the English narration audio tour.

Additionally, the museum highlights by means of the exhibition, past artists contributions. And that they have been greatly influenced by the movement of people to another country. The title “I’m a born foreigner” is a statement by the Mexican artist Ulises Carrión (1941-1989) who lived in Amsterdam since the 1970s.

Confirmation of the voice-over gig

Hi Clover!

Good news: the Stedelijk Museum is happy and wants you on board. I knew you would be perfect, and they agreed. Your’re the right voice actor for the job. So, we’ve got the green light to go ahead. Hurray!


Geert van de Wetering &



Waldorf Astoria Amsterdam Welomes Clover Jean Weddings

09/09/2017 15:00 – 16:00
We are so blessed to have found you. And we are so grateful that you were our wedding celebrant at the Waldorf Astoria Amsterdam. It was just meant to be and you were incredible! Robin, myself and our parents were so impressed by how natural it all felt, like you had been in our lives before. Your delivery was perfect and couldn’t be more fitting. Thanks again, you saved our day.

— Mr. and Mrs. Jense, Turks & Caicos Islands

Landgoed Duin & Kruidberg – Stately Wedding Venue Review

26/08/2017 14:30 – 17:00 Landgoed Duin & Kruidberg, Santpoort-Noord
Landgoed Duin & Kruidberg is a stately home wedding venue for couples wanting an English style wedding. Read a real couples testimonial.

Landgoed Duin & Kruidberg

Landgoed duin en kruidberg

Clover Jean Weddings at Landgoed Duin & Kruidberg

Review of Clover Jean Weddings at Stately home Duin & Kruidberg

What a lovely day it was yesterday! Everything fit together perfectly, and we had the most wonderful wedding celebrant ever!

Thank you so much for listening to us, understanding our wishes, and sensitivities, and being able to maneuver around our personalities.

In the end you found a way to make it work so nicely; both of us are happy and feeling that this was just perfect dose of emotions, humor, spiciness and the sense of a formal event. We loved every bit of it. Take care Clover, Mr & Mrs. Salgin


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