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jazz muziek festival

Jazz Muziek Festival – Duke op het Diemerplein – 5de editie

03/06/2018 12:00 – 20:00 Duke op Diemerplein, Diemen
The popular Duke of Diemerplein – Jazz music festival returns. This year marks the fifth year of celebrations; a special jubilee edition. According to, last year’s festival was another grand success. So, once again I’ll be presenting the Jazz music festival. What’s more, performing with Edog Muzikaal Theater – amateur musical theatre society. And I’ll sing a few jazz standards from Ella Fitzgerald along with MDM Jazz Orkest.

Sneak Preview Jazz Music Festival – Duke op het Diemerplein

The sneak preview of “Duke op het Diemerplein” received great acclamation from friends of the organisation. It was the first gathering of ‘Friends of Duke op het Diemerplein’ in Theater De Omval – Diemen.  The evening promised to be a special teaser for the fifth edition and anniversary of the” jazz muziek festival”.

In addition preparations for the jubilee are in full swing. ‘Friends of Duke op het Diemerplein’ enjoyed a brief impression of the upcoming jazz music festival. Read on about “Stichting Jazzfestival Duke op het Diemerplein by organiser Wim Amerongen.

Amy Koopmanschap, chairman of the Duke Jazz Festival Foundation op het Diemerplein, welcomed everyone. Many friends, fans and supporters joined together in Theater de Omval. Alderman Jeroen Klaasse opened the evening on behalf of Diemen Council. He emphasized that marketing Diemen had been a main priority and this was a good plan of action. The jazz music festival plays an important role in this exposure.

Moreover, the jazz music festival with the culinary event and food festival “Smakelijk Diemen” is winning combination. Organized on Saturday 2nd and Sunday 3rd June at the Diemerplein, catering is provided by “Smakelijk Diemen”.

See you there!

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mdm jazz orkest with clover jean

Jazz Muziek: Duke Ellington Bibliotheek OBA Diemen

14/04/2018 12:00 – 16:30 OBA Diemen, Diemen
Jazz music live in OBA Diemen. The popular Duke of Diemerplein – Jazz music festival is celebrating its 5th Year; a special jubilee edition. According to, last year’s festival was another grand success. So, once again I’ll be presenting the Jazz music festival. What’s more, performing with Edog Muzikaal Theater – amateur musical theatre society. And I’ll sing a few jazz standards from Ella Fitzgerald along with MDM Jazz Orkest.

Sneak Preview Jazz Music Festival – OBA Diemen

Another sneak preview of “Duke op het Diemerplein” is being held in Diemen Library. Together with MDM Jazzorkest we will be celebrating the 3 greatest jazz componist of our time. Duke, Mingus and Monk. Feel free to come along and enjoy. See below the program.

13.00 Library open. coffee & tea will be served.

13.30 Official opening: Jeroen Klaasse vice mayor and responsible for city marketing project “DAAROM DIEMEN”

13.35 Welcoming words from Maijke de Cock –  OBA

13.40 Louis Tavecchio on the importance of Duke Ellington

14.00 General knowledge quiz about Duke Ellington en het jazzfestival Duke op het Diemerplein. Presenter: Marinus van Dijk

14.15 Jazzorkest MDM – Charles Mingus, Duke Ellington and Thelonious Monk and Clover Jean

15.15 Quiz final score and award ceremony.

15.30 Drinks and snacks

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The passion 2018

The Passion 2018 Live in de Bijlmer

29/03/2018 22:00 – 23:30 Amsterdam Arena, Amsterdam – Zuidoost
The Passion 2018 live in the Bijlmer Amsterdam Zuidoost returns for its eighth edition. So, together with other gospel artists and the Wazzup Singers we will perform during the after party. Amsterdam Zuidoost celebrates its 50th year and hosting the event.

The Passion 2018

Another thing, this contemporary musical story of Jesus Christ is a raw yet comforting rendition. The theme for this year’s The Passion is ‘I see you’. Would you like more information?

The Passion will be broadcasted live on NPO 1 and NPO Radio 2 on the 29th March. Visit The Passion or go to for an actual update.

Clover Jean@welcome party

16/01/2018 – 23/01/2018 20:00 – 23:30 Augsburg, Augsburg
Welcome (private) party; a week long of celebrations will be held in honor of a special person.

Wazzup Singers@Ubuntu Winter Festival Edition

01/01/2018 15:30 – 17:00 Ubuntu Stadstuin, Amsterdam-Zuidoost

UbuntuWinter Festival Edition

We are looking forward to receiving the Wazzup Singers during the Ubuntu Winter Festival Edition.

Annet van Hoorn
Ubuntu Stadstuin Zuidoost | coordinator

home of art amsterdam

Wazzup Singers @ Dierenpark Amersfoort – Winteravonden

27/12/2017 – 30/12/2017 16:00 – 20:00 DierenPark Amersfoort, Amersfoort
Come to the Dierenpark Amersfoort zoo on 27th, 28th and 30th December and enjoy the warm winter wonderland ambiance. During your magical evening time journey, you will be enchanted by the soulful gospel sounds of the Wazzup Singers.



Clover Jean@PVH Europe – Tommy Hilfiger XMAS party 2017

21/12/2017 15:00 – 22:00 Sugarcity, Halfweg

PVH Europe celebrated their Xmas Party with a  gospel choir designed by Obsession Events, Crudon Productions and Talent Invested. PVH Europe, is the largest apparel company in the world. They manage top end designer brands such as Tommy Hilfiger and Calvin Klein. During their yearly Christmas event, their staff were treated to music, live entertainment and dance shows.


Wazzup Singers@Bimray Gospel Festival 2017

02/12/2017 All Day Amsterdam Arena, Amsterdam

Wazzup Singers Gospel Choir @ BimRay Gospel Festival Amsterdam

Join us to celebrate 50 YEARS OF inspirational DUTCH gospel music

Dear Wazzup Singers,

I would like to thank you all very much for your contribution to the BimRay Gospel Festival last Saturday, December 2 in Johan Cruijff Arena previously known as Amsterdam Arena.

Thanks to your excellent opening act the Gospel music event was a great success.

We hope you enjoyed it too!

Thanks again for your contribution!

With best regards,

On behalf of the organising committee & Dutch Gospel Arts Institute (DGAI)

Paul Hessen


Wazzup Singers@Omroep Max

29/11/2017 17:00 – 18:00 Opnamestudio in Hilversum, Hilversum
Wazzup Singers are performing at Omroep Max – a Dutch television broadcasting company dedicated for young minded people over 50. Singing together with Brandon Delangraentiss the black gospel music group shall give a short impression of the Bimray gospel festival. See below the line-up.

  • Wazzup Singers – Opening act
  • Berget Lewis
  • Dwight Dissels
  • Brace
  • Frank McComb (USA)
  • ZO! Gospel Choir
  • Gospel Boulevard
  • Graziella Hunsel
  • Bryan B
  • Denise Jannah
  • Junior Anzola
  • John Angoh
  • Patrick Tevreden & Lobi Firi
  • Black Gospel Experience – Closing act
  • And many more known and unknown gospel choirs and acts.


Wazzup Singers @ Omroep Max

The Gospel Festival is powered by Bimray. And on the December 2 in the Johan Cruijff Arena previously the Amsterdam ArenA Convention Center.

Purchase your entry ticket on the door (if the concert is not fully booked) for as little as 25 euros exclusive service charge.

For more information about the Bimray Gospel Festival event go to…



jazz zangeres in Amsterdam

MDM Jazz Orkest@Theater de Omval

22/11/2017 20:00 – 21:00 Muziekschool Diemen, Diemen
Theater de Omval is proud to present MDM Jazz Orchestra during a sneak preview of the upcoming festival at the Diemenplein. Sunday 3rd June 2018 is the 5th edition of Diemen’s FREE jazz festival “Duke op het Diemerplein”. What’s more this music festivity promises to be extra special with many fantastic artists, surprising acts and culinary delights from Smakelijk Diemen ‘food festival’. You’ll be able to savour many flavours, enjoy delicious refreshments and other beverages throughout the festival. Basically, the preparations are in full swing.

Secondly, Duke op het Diemerplein festival has gained great acclaim as the newest jazz festival in Diemen.  The festival is sponsored by Diemen council and the retailers’ association at Diemerplein shopping Centre. Additionally, there are countless amount of individual sponsors and friends who contribute to the resounding success of the FREE jazz festival. Their support plays a vital part of the continuous growth of Duke op het Diemerplein. Duke op het Diemerplein jazz festival is now synonymous with showcasing musicians from Diemen, new upcoming talent and renowned jazz artists such as Ramón Valle Trio.

Theater de Omval

Duke op het Diemerplein has an established fan base and sponsors.  Likewise, new members are encouraged to join via Facebook. The organisation strives to keep the entry to the jazz festival FREE. Therefore, all donations and new sponsors are always welcomed.

Invited friends and sponsors shall enjoy a presentation of a few jazz acts on the line-up of Duke op het Diemerplein 2018. Theater de Omval is going to host the event. On behalf of DaarOm Diemen, Deputy Mayor Jeroen Klaasse will declare the start of the event open.  See you there!


Date: Wednesday November 22

Time: 20:00pm.

Entrée: FREE



Source: Wim Amerongen, Secretary Stichting Jazzfestival Duke in Diemerplein

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