Jazz Muziek Festival – Duke op het Diemerplein – 5de editie

jazz muziek festival

Jazz Muziek Festival – Duke op het Diemerplein – 5de editie

03/06/2018 12:00 – 20:00 Duke op Diemerplein, Diemen

The popular Duke of Diemerplein – Jazz music festival returns. This year marks the fifth year of celebrations; a special jubilee edition. According to www.diemernieuws.nl, last year’s festival was another grand success. So, once again I’ll be presenting the Jazz music festival. What’s more, performing with Edog Muzikaal Theater – amateur musical theatre society. And I’ll sing a few jazz standards from Ella Fitzgerald along with MDM Jazz Orkest.

Sneak Preview Jazz Music Festival – Duke op het Diemerplein

The sneak preview of “Duke op het Diemerplein” received great acclamation from friends of the organisation. It was the first gathering of ‘Friends of Duke op het Diemerplein’ in Theater De Omval – Diemen.  The evening promised to be a special teaser for the fifth edition and anniversary of the” jazz muziek festival”.

In addition preparations for the jubilee are in full swing. ‘Friends of Duke op het Diemerplein’ enjoyed a brief impression of the upcoming jazz music festival. Read on about “Stichting Jazzfestival Duke op het Diemerplein by organiser Wim Amerongen.

Amy Koopmanschap, chairman of the Duke Jazz Festival Foundation op het Diemerplein, welcomed everyone. Many friends, fans and supporters joined together in Theater de Omval. Alderman Jeroen Klaasse opened the evening on behalf of Diemen Council. He emphasized that marketing Diemen had been a main priority and this was a good plan of action. The jazz music festival plays an important role in this exposure.

Moreover, the jazz music festival with the culinary event and food festival “Smakelijk Diemen” is winning combination. Organized on Saturday 2nd and Sunday 3rd June at the Diemerplein, catering is provided by “Smakelijk Diemen”.

See you there!



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