ABC Gospel Choir @ Internationaal Theater Amsterdam

ABC Gospel Choir @ Internationaal Theater Amsterdam

05/01/2020 13:30 – 17:00 Internationaal Theater Amsterdam, Amsterdam
Ticket 14,- euros

ABC Gospel Choir @ Internationaal Theater Amsterdam in collaboration with Toneelmakerij and Silbersee in the theatre production The Magic Flute. A magical musical theatre fairy tale for all the family | Mozart to the Moon and Back. The Magic Flute is an exciting fairy-tale opera.

Internationaal Theater Amsterdam

 What’s more, it’s probably the most famous opera in the world – everyone knows the Queen of the Night’s ariaeven if they’ve never seen or heard the whole pieceIt was in 1791 that Mozart wrote his opera about Prince Tamino, who sets out to rescue Princess Pamina with the aid of a mysterious magic flute. 

Internationaal Theater Amsterdam

Silbersee and De Toneelmakerij are now making a new version for anyone aged seven or above. This Magic Flute is set against the backdrop of an intergalactic battle between the Night and the Sun. The young astronaut Tamino crashes his rocket in a forgotten corner of the Milky Way. There he meets the star-catcher Papageno, and together they set off on an adventure to rescue the princess.

Furthermore, their mission is a success, and the astronaut falls head over heels in love with the self-assured princess. And she falls in love with him. And sure enough –because that’s what happens in fairy tales – they live happily ever after. Unless… maybe it’s not that simple.

Music theatre company Silbersee and De Toneelmakerij are joining forces to produce a totally contemporary version of Mozart’s masterpiece, in which classical music, rap, dance and theatre blend to create magical musical theatre for all the family.

ABC Gospel Choir and The Magic Flute  | 50% discount for family & friends

ABC Gospel Choir are performing with The Magic Flute by Silbersee and De Toneelmakerij. In the ITA foyer at 1:30 pm to 2:00 pm, a mini-concert will be given. Thereafter, ABC perform at “De Toverfluit” [The Magic Flute] in the big hall.

Family and friends of ABC choir members receive a 50% discount per 4 tickets and there are unlimited tickets with a € 5 discount. Reserve now and don’t forget to mention the name of ABC Gospel Choir at

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