ABC Gospel Choir @ Danscentrum Goetjaer Etten-Leur

ABC Gospel Choir @ Danscentrum Goetjaer Etten-Leur

21/12/2019 22:00 – 23:30 Van Bergenplein 17, 4871 CD Etten-Leur, Etten-Leur

ABC Gospel Choir @ Danscentrum Goetjaer Etten-Leur dance school. The group will perform Christmas songs, black gospel music, Motown songs during their yearly gala. Hosted for the first time, this evening promises to be a treat.

Etten-leur | Danscentrum Goetjaer

If you are still unable to dance at all or are you an advanced dancer or competition dancer: everyone can go to Danscentrum Goetjaer Etten-Leur.

Dance lessons are provided for every level 7 days a week. In fact, there are several groups per week from beginners to competition dancers. And this is a major advantage with many options to choose from.

For trainees who work in healthcare or in shift work, these catch-up options are very pleasant. Even if you are sick or have been on holiday for a while, you can join in.


Another thing, if students find the lesson difficult then you can come anytime. And the best news is, attending several times a week will no cost you an extra penny. Furthermore, there is always a parallel group where you can come and dance.

Would you just like to move more and work on your condition, you are more than welcome. Take the same dance lesson 2-3 times a week without extra costs. That is the extra service that Goetjaer offers!

Lastly, if you are are couple who have dance experience, then of course you do not have to start again with a beginner group.

Wedding Dance for you

Your Special Dance can make or break your wedding day. Research shows dancing can improve your love life and boost your overall happiness.  And if you are a couples that is keen to learn a dance for your big day Danscentrum Etten-Leur can help you impress the guests on your big day! In this case you can contact them to discuss what the best entry options are and the right tuition for you.


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