Daalhemergroeve Valkenburg Coalmine – Cave Wedding Review

Daalhemergroeve Valkenburg Coalmine – Cave Wedding Review

21/10/2019 15:00 – 17:00

Fancy jumping the broom in a cave? Daelhemergroeve Valkenburg coalmine is an idyllic cave wedding venue for an unforgettable experience.

Daalhemergroeve Valkenburg cave weddings lit with subdued candle lighting

The Caves, Edinburgh | Interior – Dining

image This is Edinburgh

In fact, the stone-cutters carved out marlstone walls to create a network of underground corridors, in the heart of southern Limburg. What’s more, decorating your wedding celebrations with candles adds a special touch to your shining moment.

Basically, the subdued lighting in this authentic and ancient cave enhances your love story. It’s a marriage of old-fashioned ambiance with comfortable modern facilities. Even more spectacular, the Daelhemergroeve is an alternative unique spot in Holland to get married. Providing you space for up to 350 guests, you’ll have a memorable wedding day. Source: www.daelhemergroeve.nl/en/wedding-venue-valkenburg/

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