The English Celebrant@Cultuurboerderij Nieuwe Erven

The English Celebrant@Cultuurboerderij Nieuwe Erven

25/07/2018 14:00 – 17:00 Stichting Nieuwe Erven, Amersfoort

At the Cultuurboerderij Nieuwe Erven (gardens & plant nurseries) I have the pleasure of conducting a summer wedding. Make sure to come back later and read a real Dutch wedding. See you soon…

The city farm Cultuurboerderij Nieuwe Erven is set in beautiful gardens and perfect for a wedding. It also homes plant nursery. And the location is open to the public. Not only that but it welcomes artists, musicians and theater goers from all ages.

Cultuurboerderij Nieuwe Erven

The idea for a nature and culture workshop had been brewing for some time, but it became reality in 2007 when David van der Kaaden and Hendrien van Putten opened their ‘beautiful’ location to interested parties. Those interested – in the first instance mostly local residents – quickly became participants. Together with them, a beautiful vegetable garden was developed and all sorts of creative projects for both children and adults were organized. A number of these projects now have a permanent place on the agenda.

Are you looking for a special place for your wedding? Cultuurboerderij Nieuwe Erven can organise that for you. Alongside a choir, musicians or a band? The city farm can accomodate 20-120 people. It consists of a foyer / living room. And they have a south facing terrace, a large vegetable garden (for weddings), a mud pizza oven and a large kitchen. Source:

Happy Couple: Terry & Suus

Trouwlocatie:  Cultuural boederij Nieuwe Erven

Date of Wedding:  25 July 2018

About the bride and groom

More details to follow soon.

 The Proposal

More details to follow soon. 

The Venue

Music and wedding events location: De locatie is een officiële trouwlocatie. Bij mooi weer kan de ceremonie in de mooie tuin. Is het minder zonnig….dan in één van de sfeervolle ruimtes. De gehele dag en avond zal een ervaren team er voor zorgen dat iedereen in de watten wordt gelegd.”

– More details to follow soon.

 The Wedding Consultation

More details to follow soon.

The Planning

More details to follow soon.

 The Ceremony

More details to follow soon. 

The Symbolism

More details to follow soon.

 The Vows

More details to follow soon. 

The Wedding Songs

More details to follow soon.

The Wedding Suppliers & Vendors

Venue –

Photographer – To be advised

The Feedback

More details to follow soon.

Over to you…

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