Warning: Don’t Pick An Engagement Ring Until You Read This

engagement ring

Choosing the right engagement ring can be daunting for your partner. However, many of you brides to be want to select your own ring, you welcome the challenge. But, did you know, selecting your own multifaceted engagement ring could bring you bad luck.

On the other hand, it’s a brilliant idea. Why? You know what compliments and represents your style and personality. Read the below pros and cons about picking the most perfect and beautiful ring.

Pro: Imagine you get exactly what you want

Let’s be honest, choosing your own engagement ring can be fun. And the biggest pro is, you know what you desire. But, if you don’t know, how can your spouse know? It could be a huge gamble! So, going shopping together for a ring can be an amazing experience. Most importantly, a day you won’t forget, every time you see your gemstone shining on your finger.

Con: There are no surprises about the ring

Secondly, do you love surprises? Well, you can forget all about that, if you choose your own engagement ring. Nevertheless, for some brides it’s not a big deal and they prefer their spouse to choose the ring for them. It has more sentimental value. But, the truth is you want to select your own ring. Why? Because it’s the most important ring you will ever own. So, let him pick it for you and avoid hurting his feelings. Enjoy the surprise!

Pro:  Shopping for rings is a big bonding experience

Additionally, you can create cherished memories and design a ring together. Choosing the right gemstone setting can be as special as the proposal, engagement and your wedding day. So, look online for great resources at https://www.whiteflash.com/about-diamonds/diamond-education/vvs-diamonds-1600.htm. Otherwise, go hand-in-hand to the jewelry shops. And embark on an incredible journey together.

engagement ring


Con:  Choosing the ring on your own is impersonal

Another thing, choosing your own engagement ring can seem impersonal and inauthentic. And depending on your character you may prefer his input and romantic gesture of love. Moreover, your fiancés choice and style could put a smile on your face and make you happy.

Pro: Take the pressure off your fiancé

Here’s something else to consider, your fiancé might feel under pressure, stressed out and worried about getting it wrong. And no matter how well he gets you, you may like to pick something different. Actually, it could be a huge weight of his shoulders. So, give him tips to select a ring that symbolizes your everlasting love for one another.

Con: Keep an eye on his spending habits

Guess what? Some brides don’t like to know how much their engagement ring costs. They prefer their fiance to discuss the matter privately with the jeweler. Get him to choose rings within a good price range. However, you could put a little money towards the ring or fully fund it. And invest in your long-term partnership. No one will notice, let it be yours and your future husbands little sparkling secret!


Finally, have you made a decision about choosing your own engagement ring? Basically, you said YES and need to get the ring. So, would you like a romantic, or surprise? Or something you both picked out together? At the end of the day, just do what’s right for you!

Over to you…

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