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Are you thinking about planning your nuptials in Holland? Well, Dutch wedding costs for a celebrant-led and registrar civil ceremony are on the rise. On top of that marriage rates differ significantly in price in every district of the Netherlands.

Celebrant-officiants or registrars can be expensive and cost more than your average UK or US wedding venue. And there’s more….it is a key point for discussion. The high differences in the levels of charges means you have to prioritise what is important to you.

Basically, whether you get wed on a boat, at a windmill or Dutch museum the marriage rates vary considerably in each municipality [district]. Why? There is no valid table or fixed tariff for registrars and celebrants. So, decide if the shifting costs of getting married in the Dutch municipalities is worth it. Take a peek below to find out if it will affect your wedding plans.

Dutch wedding costs

Cat Mayer This draped tented wedding high in the mountains of Telluride, Colorado transported guests directly to Tuscany. Design by @polishedfun and florals by @newleaftelluride #TellurideWeddingPhotographer

Cat Mayer This draped tented wedding high in the mountains of Telluride, Colorado transported guests directly to Tuscany. Design by @polishedfun and florals by @newleaftelluride #TellurideWeddingPhotographer

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NL wedding costs vs wedding costs in the UK

But, let’s start with comparing NL wedding costs with those in the UK. In England there is a standard price, the statutory declaration costs to have your ceremony at a register office is £46. In order to give notice of marriage the charge is £70. So, all-in-all it’s £116 [103 euro’s], that’s quite affordable, don’t you think?

What are the Dutch wedding costs in the municipalities?

Now we are going to get down to business…… in the city of Amsterdam, Holland, the tariff to get married ranges from €166 to €959 [2019]. Surprisingly enough this price only covers administration fees for the notice of marriage and a brief registry office civil ceremony. And oddly enough, the marriage registrar contacts you two weeks before the registration service.

The difference between a marriage license and a wedding fee

With the above in mind celebrants, registrars and other Dutch wedding professionals can charge whatever fee they like. Another thing, after you’ve paid for your marriage contract at the town hall the venue can be arranged. As the legalities recorded by a registrar give you permission to celebrate your wedding ceremony.

Dutch wedding costs spur parliamentary debate

Apparently, since “theperfectwedding.nl” survey was carried out about varying costs, it has provoked parliamentary awareness.  On top of that, the findings from each Dutch municipality have gone viral. Moreover, the article is now published on more than 80 media sites and stirred up a debate. Read more about it on the Dutch House of Commons website.

More interesting facts that you need to know

Astonishingly enough, marriage rates differ between each province within the Netherlands. For example, Utrecht is one of the most expensive locations to marry on Fridays. On average, you can expect to pay € 424.55. But, if you travel to the west of the country, the prices are different. Dutch wedding costs are more expensive on Friday than in the east of Holland.

Weekend rates are steadily rising

And there’s more wedding madness… Weekend rates are gradually increasing. There is a difference of at least €1,333.50 between the most expensive and cheapest wedding ceremonies in the municipality on Saturdays. Furthermore, Friday’s rates are about 27% higher than those from Monday to Thursday.

Sunday has become the new Saturday wedding 

Another thing, ‘anyone can make their own price rule’, right? But, hosting a wedding on Sunday (during the day) can be lucrative. It’s a modern trend. What’s more, you can fork out an average of €799.43 for your marriage license. Moreover, up to 31.9% of the Dutch municipality’s town halls are able to conduct the proceedings on this chosen day.

The most economical marriage service

Finally, here’s the good news… The cheapest and simplest wedding ceremony is in Hoeksche Waard. The Hoekse Waard is an island located in Zuid Holland. This province offers an extremely economical marriage service for just €50. Read more about all the Dutch wedding costs & rates in 2019 @www.theperfectwedding.nl.  A word of warning though! You will need Google translate.  “ Kosten trouwen in Nederlandse gemeenten in 2019”.


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