How to Plan Your Dutch Pre-Wedding Photo Shoot in Holland

Dutch tulips photographer and bride holding tulip in a field

Planning a Dutch tulips pre-wedding ceremony photo shoot in Holland after your engagement reflects the true essence of your love. Although capturing all the excitement, joy and smiles of your celebrations seems dreamy. How can you blossom amongst the colourful flowers with your bouquet?

Well, tulips symbolise perfect love, happy thoughts and sunshine. Therefore, if you plan to frolic about in the fields in your dress you’ll need a Dutch masters inspired wedding photographer. Someone who clicks with your vision and is discreet but at the same time present.

And whether you arrange your pics at the Keukenhof gardens, Floriworld 2020 or the Vondelpark a professional specialised in unique and stylised images and equipped with the right gear can snap your shots.

So depending on your budget, the date, time and location of the pre-wedding celebrations you decide what you want for your photo shoot. Photographers from Holland create a beautiful scene for you to remember and bring a Dutch style into your wedding. Read on…

Dutch tulips | wedding photographers

Dutch tulips photographer taking pictures of bride among tulip field

Image by Dronten

Renée Fotografeert

First, if you desire a backdrop of colourful and vibrant tulips Renée from Apeldoorn is a stickler for detail. This professional creates natural and spontaneous-looking pre-wedding pictures. And with her art of observation and interpretation she helps you with a minute by minute time-frame. Moreover,  you’ll see the best angles of lighting for your special moments.

Heuvelrug Produkties

Jenny Klinkhamer is a wedding Dutch tulips influencer who creates stylised images. This seasoned photographer wears her heart on her sleeve. As your pre-wedding day unfolds, she draws inspiration from the tulip arrangements, your love and personalities. And she makes sure of the ideal backdrop for the photos. If you want atmospheric images but hate posed photographs her job is to set the right spot.

image Shawn Stephens

Bas Driessen

Bas Driessen is a specialized Dutch tulips photographer. And with an acclaimed award tightly tucked under his belt, you are guaranteed a smashing pre-wedding. Capturing all the genuine raw emotion and fun of your day in an unobtrusive way is his forte. What’s more, he has an eye to capture the extra special moments with authenticity and creativity. The story-telling images help you re-live your pre-wedding day time and time again.

Mo Armani

Some of Mo Armani’s specialties are in creative, stylish and relaxed photography. Actually, it’s important for him to see you enjoying yourselves at the pre-wedding shoot. The natural smiles and laughter always makes for better and more stunning photos. Based in Amsterdam & Marrakesh this professional will capture the details you have meticulously planned.

Dutch tulips pre-wedding photoshoot couple holding hands among orange tulips

Image by Dronten

Damon Pijlman

Another option is Dutch tulips wedding expert Damon Pijlman. Catching you both off-guard, he knows that a picture is worth more than a thousand words. By trade his passion is shooting real, romantic and tender moments. Furthermore, this photographer documents your pre-wedding day in a relaxed way whereby you are not forced to pose in every scene.

Wim en Kristin Wilmers

Next is a real treat. Wim & Kristen Wilmers are an inseparable team and provide you with world class, unobtrusive pre-wedding photography. And the best news is… they work closely with you to create an album that you feel shows off your personalities to the max. Most importantly, you get a chance to relive your precious memories time and time again.

dutch tulips bride holding wedding spring's best bouquet

Flowers by fantasy flowers, thiensville

image Erika

Burgundy Productions

Lastly, imagine Evelina from Burgundy productions as your photographer. Snapping the most beautiful pictures is her forte. Ensuring momentous images that mirror your love for each other, this candid camera expert might click with your ideas. Moreover, create wonderful sentimental memories of the meaningful celebratory event.


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