Dutch Funeral – How to Arrange it for a Deceased Loved One

Arranging a Dutch Funeral burial ground and graveside

If a loved one has just passed away or may pass soon in the Netherlands arranging a Dutch funeral or cremation should take place between 36hrs and 6 days. Dutch law requires that a funeral or cremation service and the registration of death be done within this time frame. Funerals vary depending on families preferences and traditions. Trusted funeral directors can best support you in choosing a coffin or casket for your loved one. But, where do you find good funeral services?

Like most of us you could be riding turbulent emotions and be in a state of shock – disbelief. Arranging a Dutch funeral becomes a tiresome chore. It’s stressful, takes up lots of energy and costs money. Perhaps a thanksgiving gathering or memorial service is a better way to celebrate an amazing life story. Before I carry on, commiserations to you for the loss of someone you love so much. Planning a good funeral or direct cremation during this very sad time can be an overwhelming experience. Especially, if it was a sudden and unexpected death. So, arranging a Dutch funeral or cremation becomes extremely hard to deal with.

So, why not, find someone to guide you through the process every step of the way. Because you may have waves of uncontrollable feelings of grief. The pain intensity can feel uncomfortable and distressful. And amidst this confusion it’s easy to lose sight of planning a good funeral. Don’t despair. Here are the 5 best Dutch funeral services who listen with compassion to your needs. Serving bereaved families and friends in Holland with care, respect and clarity, these professionals can find a fitting crematorium or cemetery. Relieve some of the stress of arranging a Dutch funeral or cremation in NL with their help. Read on…

Arranging a Dutch Funeral for You or a Loved One

Arranging a Dutch Funeral providers of funeral Services

Dutch funeral directors, providers of funeral services and cremation in the Netherlands give everyone the opportunity to have a dignified death – ‘NL to allow dissolving your body in a chemical liquid as an alternative to burial and cremation. Source: nltimes.nl image courtesy Anoes, Jip and Anita (awaiting logo).

Clover Jean’s good funeral services – Arranging a Dutch Funeral

Clover Jean celebrant (native English speaker) good funeral services are non-religious and non-traditional. Secular ceremonies focus on the life the person has led and evoke memories about them. Create and share those memories by doing something different or unusual. From a colourful dress code, lighthearted speeches, to including a tribute, poems and live music. Say a fond farewell with the help of Clover Jean. Set the right tone for your loved ones celebration of life ceremony.

So, you’ve got a death certificate in your possession, you maybe struggling to find a compassionate, trusted and experienced Dutch funeral in (native) English.

In Memoriam Uitvaarten

Monique Houtzager consultent and founder of In Memoriam Uitvaarten says, ‘You can only say goodbye once’. And this funeral celebrant has a FREE consultation hour every Tuesday at 12.30 am at City of Wesopa in Weesp. In Memoriam Uitvaarten offers a funeral service with a personal touch. A fond farewell is a good farewell that fits the life of the deceased, your loved and the next of kin. inmemoriamuitvaarten.nl

Cremation in Holland

 In Memoriam Uitvaarten – providers of funeral services.

 Rememberme.nl – Arranging a Dutch Funeral

Funeral locations: have you thought about where you would like the funeral or cremation service held? Well, you don’t have to opt for a church, funeral parlor or crematorium. Why not, host the celebrant-led funeral ceremony in a restaurant, country house, beautiful castle or at a train station. There are many beautiful locations that are open to arranging a unique funeral ceremony service. Rememberme.nl has inspiring locations. www.rememberme.nl

Arranging a Dutch Funeral attendant video streaming a funeral

Death with dignity. Mijn laatste ik – Cremation in Holland

Mijn Laatste Ik

Arranging a Dutch funeral at a cemetery or cremation in the Netherlands isn’t easy, especially getting everyone together who wants to say goodbye to the deceased. However, Diana is the funeral consultant at ‘Mijn Last Ik’. This live streaming and video funeral service portrays precious memories of your loved one. “The roaring laugh, that was you. When you laughed, the whole world laughed. I’ve listened to your voicemail 100 times. Your voice, which I would never forget. That voice. Your voice is fading, no matter how hard I fight it. Farewell.” Contact Diana for more details. mijn-laatste-ik.nl 

Mariska de Jong – Arranging a Dutch Funeral 

Finally, Mariska de Jong of De Jong Uitvaartzorging – Maroon funerals and mourning services is specialized in natural alternatives to burials.  Maroons communities from Suriname and Jamaica are descendants of runaway African slaves who settled in tribes in the jungles of the Americas. Maroon funerals are unique and bring together the community. Perhaps this alternative funeral service with it’s own set of traditional and cultural rituals suits your deceased loved one. Find out more about prepaid funeral arrangements at www.uitvaart.nl

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