12 Difficult Wedding Planning Decisions that Unique Couples Make

difficult wedding decisions

Difficult wedding decisions cloud and affect your judgement during the preparations of marriage. Some of you dread the idea of having a conveyor belt wedding with a set format. And the rest of you are split over the budget. But, how do you ditch the outdated tradition?

Even more perplexing, how do you cope with your divided opinions about who to invite to the wedding celebrations? Another thing, how does this all marry with your ideas? Creating a successful marriage isn’t easy. And let’s be honest the most elementary principles of a happy marriage is the planning of the wedding. If this is your first marriage you are probably dwelling upon all of the above things.

Did you know, “Serious-minded men are more susceptible to wedding stress than sensible women. That means, it can cause irritations and frustrations.” Source: English-wedding.com.

So, before you allow your wedding to influence how you feel about one another, test your utmost good faith with this marriage quiz.  And fall in love with these 12 tips and tricks. You can use them to steer clear of any misunderstandings, upsets or disasters. Let’s take a glimpse at 12 issues that might arise and be on your wedding checklist.

Difficult wedding decisions

1 • Cultural differences, religious beliefs, values and traditions

The first difficult wedding decision is how do you blend ancient wedding traditions with modern day rituals? He views a marriage as an old fashioned and stuffy tradition. Whereas, you feel marriage is the embodiment of the sacrament and the bedrock of society. By the same token a registered civil partnership or commitment ceremony is also good enough.

2 • What does marriage mean to you?

Whether you are struggling with the structure and timings of the wedding day, the above confirms that you have a strong and loving relationship. But, what does marriage mean to you? Do you desire a ritual to confirm the merging of 2 souls? Find out all the alternatives at offbeatbride.com/non-legal-commitment-ceremonies and at www.gov.uk/marriages-civil-partnerships.

3• Shun or appease family and in-laws and deal with friends feuds 

With the above in mind, you and your partner’s unvarnished opinions could put you in a predicament. But, you’ll have to face the tough decisions about having a mega-rich wedding, vintage or an elaborate bohemian-chic one. One way or another, you might need to appease your family. Or think long and hard about interfering parents and if you want to exclude some people.

4• Disappointing close relatives and friends

Another thing, don’t worry about disappointing close relatives. Although being concerned about certain members not ending up on the list could be stressful, but it’s your guest list.  So, take a few minutes and read how to deal with family feuds and dilemma’s at https://www.weddingideasmag.com

5• No need to sacrifice your identity

Do you have a mixed heritage family? How important is your cultural, spiritual/religious beliefs? What about your upbringing and background differences? Let’s face it, if you are both making assumptions about your wedding. Think about your expectations, goals and if you want to be in the spotlight. It could be another difficult wedding issue to deal with; personality clashes.

6• Compromising with one another is the key answer

So, don’t sacrifice your personal wishes, overcome your fears. Refuse point-black to budge. Compromising with one another is the key answer to a relaxed and carefree marriage ceremony. Find a location that suits you both.

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7• The ideal bridal gown session 

Like it or not a new bridal gown can be one of the biggest expenses on your checklist. If you are partial to a particular style, stick to your guns. A colour to match the theme of your day could be a traditional pure white gown or a typical off-white wedding dress.  Whatever you desire it’s your big day.

8• Tunnel vision wedding planning trap 

Break away from the stereotypical and long-established customs. Choosing for a traditional wedding, modern day commitment ceremony or alternative ritual is all the rage these days. Don’t fall into a tunnel vision wedding planning trap and don’t let the hustle and bustle get you down. Look at it this way you’ve said yes.

9• Invest in your relationship 

During your bridal gown session, express your true spirit by letting your personality shine through. The next step is your big day. However, investing a little more on your  wedding outfits could be the ticket. Although you will wear the dress once, the expense is worth it. So, set the date for your anniversary party and then wear the outfits again.

10• The tuxedo takes center stage 

Don’t let your partner’s or the groom’s attire, be the tipping point of your soon-to-be wedding. The garment otherwise known as a tuxedo or fitted suit formalizes the ceremony. Usually the traditional colours of a suit are:

  • Deep black
  • Dark blue
  • Rich burgundy
  • Or warm grey.

Get him to wear a formal shirt, wedding dress shoes, tie and other accessories to complete the look. Avoid drama and make sure he pulls it together for your big day.

11• Whittle down your wedding guest list  

This is another difficult wedding decision. Although, your in-laws, wedding guests or other invitees are vital for making your day a triumphant success. Their presence will help create a wonderful ceremony. Even your reception and party will be complete. Imagine if they didn’t attend.

12• The atmosphere of your wedding would be bland without guests

To sum up, the most difficult wedding decision is to decide on the right atmosphere at your wedding. You don’t want it to be bland, right? Without your family and friends who would you show off your beautiful outfits to? But, if you don’t get on with your in-laws. What do you do? Pop over to the knot, they’ve got great advice for you.


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