Destination Wedding Celebrant for Renewal of Marriage Vows in Holland

destination wedding celebrant man and woman sitting in a limousine

Congratulations! He said yes and you both want a destination wedding celebrant to carry out a renewal of vows ceremony in Holland. Although celebrating the official date of your marriage sounds romantic, planning your love trip can be stressful. So, where do you start?

With more of us choosing to host a friend’s wedding, anniversary or to tie the knot in foreign countries marriage tourism is the future of weddings. In fact, transatlantic, transoceanic and transpacific locations are becoming a major tourist hub. Therefore finding a post-card picture perfect spot and destination wedding celebrant is ideal.

But, I hear you ask, how do you plan an adventure of a lifetime in the Netherlands? Well, before you jet off, you must journey to your local town hall and pick up a valid marriage license.

So, that by the time you and your co-pilot land at your port of call, you’ve got the paperwork checked-off the list. Most importantly, you are legally wed and ready to celebrate at your Dutch ceremony venue. Keep reading more about a destination wedding celebrant…

Destination wedding celebrant

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1. Wedding tourism a picture-perfect beginning start

To begin with, a celebrant ceremony is similar to a traditional church wedding, but without the religious wordings. And the majority of weddings abroad are beautiful, more meaningful and blissful. On top of that, as a confirmation of your love during the non-legally binding ceremony, a symbolic marriage certificate can be issued.

2. Travel agents and entrusted celebrants go hand in hand

Secondly, lots of travel agencies know that real couples like you are longing to get married abroad. From high altitude, sea-level or down to earth locations they reserve the right spot for your wedding. What’s more, an agent can advise you about a destination wedding celebrant. Actually, specialists such as “Marry me abroad” | “” give you the opportunity to celebrate the way you want in the country of your choice.

wedding destination celebrant renewing vows of bride and groom standing under a tree3. Destination wedding celebrant to compliment your style

Basically, someone that compliments your personality can lift your wedding to greater heights and set the tone perfectly for the big day. What’s more, they act as your entrusted celebrant-officiant. By conducting the proceedings in a correct manner the special event incorporates your distinctive character. Planning a wedding with a fun modern spin will capture the real sense of occasion that resonates with your lifestyle and individual wishes.

4. Destination wedding celebrant propels the ceremony

In any case, the destination wedding celebrant will customise the ceremony to your wishes. Propelling your love to the next level it becomes a sincere and sweet moment. It combines your friendship, trust, and pledge to care for each other. By showing off you’re hopes for the future in the presence of family and friends this mirrors your personal statement.

destination wedding celebrant man and woman sitting in a limousine

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5. Priceless memories to last always and forever

Moreover, your guests also benefit from the shared travel experience. In truth, you’ll receive powerful and positive reactions, congratulations and adulation’s from family and friends. In all honesty, by flying two sets of families from around the world you unite all your loved ones. Most importantly, you’ll create an ideal wedding setting and priceless memories to last a lifetime.

6. Symbolize the transition from single life to married bliss

Have you formed a civil partnership that you wish to convert to marriage?  Or is it the right time to plan an overseas wedding? Let me tell you, together with your own destination wedding celebrant you can symbolize the significant transition of your life with a fun, creative and stunning symbolic ceremony abroad.

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7. Romantic wedding ceremony with no language barriers

In addition, you make the milestone extra special for you and your guests; by including  readings (in your desired language). With the right celebrant you can arrange romantic, and sentimental wedding ceremony songs. Ideally your tailored marriage service abroad should be compatible with your cultural values, traditions, standards and personal beliefs.

8. Travel to the country of your choice

Additionally at the wedding venue get the entire bridal party to sing collectively. Choose an international hit song that everyone will know. How cool is that? Enjoying a memorable and personal moment with family and friends in another country makes your wedding abroad unique. So, dare to be different! And find below more ideas about global weddings.

white sand, blue sea, palm trees and wedding altar9. Destination wedding celebrant wishes you were here!

Last but not least, tell me have you built a relationship grounded in love, passion and compatibility? And is it your dream to get married abroad with the assistance of a destination wedding celebrant? Well, get planning today and tweak things to fit your ideas and personality. Furthermore, with an extra special wedding ceremony overseas the sky [isn’t] the limit!

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