Coronavirus Weddings: How To Survive The New Rules

coronavirus weddings bride and groom masked for a special occasion

Coronavirus weddings in Holland are every couples’ worst nightmare. Covid-19 has disrupted engagements, pre-wedding parties and anniversary celebrations. With everything up in the air we feel jaded. So, how on earth do we survive in this climate? And how do you navigate the new wedding rules?

Let’s face reality, we’ve tolerated the virus enough and we’re all been left in a limbo. So, it’s swayed brides and grooms to celebrate an exciting milestone. From the ceremony, reception and party – safety regulations must be adhered. In fact, the impact of coronavirus makes everyone nervous. The future looks dark, dull and gloomy.

And there’s more devastating news. Brides and grooms to be like you have abandon, canceled, postponed or rescheduled their destination wedding in Holland. Not to mention, we’re suffering under the uncertainty, lots of us have lost a loved one, our wages cut, and jobs obliterated. Read on..

Coronavirus weddings – BREAKING NEWS

protocol & strict preventative measures

Last update: 24-11-2020

Next update: ?

  • The coronavirus is real. Until there is medicine to reduce the chance of falling ill it’s here to stay. Nevertheless a cure or vaccine to combat the deadly global pandemic isn’t available. At this moment in time we have to live with it!
  • PARTIAL NATIONWIDE LOCK DOWN in Holland imposed until 2nd or 3rd week of December 2020.
  • The Dutch RIVMNational Institute for Health and Environment has permitted small weddings at Covid-secure venues. This means sit-down meals for 20 guests can take place. Persons must be seated. A distance  of 1.5 metres (approx. 2 arm’s lengths) from other people should be maintained.
greenhouse wedding with plants and lacquered table with certificate folder and pen

Coronavirus wedding planning guidance is national guidance that applies across Holland. |”Two halves become one and feel like the only two people in the world of love” –

image JoThornhillPhotography 

Check in weekly for Dutch government Covid-19 updates

So, how do we exist with covid-19? What is the long time effect on wedding travel plans? Perhaps the restrictions are blown out of proportion. Find out from experts what steps you can take to keep safe and avoid the spread of the virus. And come back weekly for the latest Dutch government updates.

Don’t panic  – Coronavirus weddings (COVID-19)

What is coronavirus (COVID-19 – orignated from Wuhan China)? According to it’s a large family of viruses. For instance, the common cold to more severe diseases such as (MERS-CoV) and (SARS-CoV) has been associated with it. But, hope is insight a vaccine, cure and remedy is being worked on as I speak.

Rebook Covid-secure wedding venue 2021 / 2022 / 2023

And 2020 weddings abroad are over and out of the pandemic and restricted travel. Together with that we are self-isolating, in solitary confinement and afraid of another lockdown. Perhaps to contain the spread of infection, you could use this breathing space to plan a intimate wedding ceremony. Otherwise, rebook for 2021/2022/2023.

Keep active – coronavirus weddings self-care tips

In addition with travel restricted and a limitation on social interaction. Self-isolating to contain the spread of infection maybe affecting your mental, physical health and wellness. So, don’t let it beat you down. Self-care is an essential part of your life. And even more so important to take the  opportunity to get out of the rat race for a while and rest.

Be flexible – Tom’s wedding planning spreadsheet

Do you feel bored, lonely and uncertain about your future? Well, this digital age allows you to get together [on or offline] with your partner and readdress your budget? If you’ve had to postpone or reschedule maybe it’s time to look at the checklist for your upcoming celebrations. Keep yourself entertained with Tom’s wedding planning template.

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Contact wedding supplier –

Many have died, lots of us are in quarantine and shielding ourselves from Covid-19. So, whatever your race, colour or cultural background it affects you. From China, Italy, Spain to the United States, we’re all at risk. So, protect yourself and follow your countries safety measures, And don’t give up hope about your wedding abroad.

Get wedding cancellation insurance

Have you cancelled but paid in full? Well, the deposit may be affected. As stated in some policy wording, ‘Insurance companies will pay up to the amount shown for any irrecoverable expenses incurred by Covid-19: attire, flowers,  caterers, transport, and accommodation. Other services booked but not used are considered too. So, check your coverage of unavoidable cancellation or curtailment of the Wedding or Reception now!

coronavirus weddings new rules bride and groom masked for a special occasion

My love Jenn and I got married.
Covid-19 safety precautions | image Guy Mayer

Be patient about your bridal gown

In truth the worldwide spread of coronavirus has left many engaged couples like you worried about the prospect of entirely reshaping your wedding plans. But, is it worth worrying about the travel risks? Some wedding dress designers are afraid your wedding gown might be delayed. Have you ordered your bridal gown from abroad?

Get savvy –  wedding travel quarantine rules

Furthermore, COVID-19 has hit honeymoon, wedding travel season and other anniversary celebration arrangements in Holland. And the Dutch Health Authorities want you to self-quarantine for 10 days. What does this mean? If you are travelling to Holland, with your wedding guests everyone must self-isolate in one place for ten days, upon arrival. 

Stay alert about coronavirus

“UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson is ramping up the seriousness of the coronavirus. “It’s the government’s “top priority”. Actually, with the number of cases set to rise, NHS England says it is scaling up its capacity for testing people for the infection”. This is to flatten the curve plus curb of the spread.

coronavirus weddings make-up artist woman putting lipstick on a brideimage Lisanne kooij

Exercise social- distancing

Most governments have implemented a safety measure to stop the transmission and spike of COVID-19. Social distancing is in our daily mindset. Socialising in parks is monitored, travelling on public transport, and remotely working from home is the norm. Standing or sitting 1.5 – 2 meters apart is commonplace.

Be optimistic – masked & online weddings

Do you still want to go ahead with your plans? Well, you can have a coronaproof wedding. Perhaps it’s wise for your guest to wear mask throughout the ceremony. Either way, these options sound are less personable. So, opt for a virtual celebration for two, with witnesses and the officiant. Online weddings and masked marriages can save your relationship.

Protect your life – coronavirus weddings ban

A wedding in France left 76 guests infected with Covid-19 despite safety measures. The wedding hosted 250 guests and took place on 8 August on the edge of Paris. The outdoor event followed all local rules and regulations, according to one municipal official. Source:

Seek guidance about ceremony rules & regulations

Many celebrants are worried about your ceremonial wedding celebrations. So, seek guidance about amended the date. Another thing, during this global pandemic there are less physically and face-to-face meetings with you the couple. However, we have embraced online wedding blessings and other forms of video-chat.

coronavirus wedding gold plate and glasses

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Keep guest in the loop & communicate

Perhaps you are worried about the restrictions on travel and the need to cancel your trip.  Well, please keep your wedding guests in the loop via ‘old school’ methods emails, texts, and phone calls. Together with that read your travel insurance policy thoroughly. So, find out about your destination wedding plans.

Update wedding website about coronavirus weddings

Have you created a website to announce your wedding? With all the free time on your hands, make sure you keep it updated. The wedding website, “can be mass-shared live with family and friends. In fact, use it to give advice or guidance about travel, health and other safety measures”

Coronavirus weddings groom with his head down and bride with her eyes closed storming off after the ceremonyThink out of the box – elope or cut wedding guest list

And there’s more..Coronavirus and weddings: do they go hand in hand? Well, play safe and start rethinking about an impromptu wedding. It’s a unique elopement ceremony [minimony] for two. Otherwise, cut your Covid-19 wedding guest list. So, celebrate your love first and splurge out on a bigger celebration later with family and friends.

Keep calm – Coronavirus wedding stress

The coronavirus has created hundreds of wedding cancellations and with that comes stress. In fact it has shaped our modern life and become a major part of future wedding plans. Read this article to learn how to protect your mental health while planning your future nuptials.

Have faith – practical guide for couples

Its a difficult and testing time, right? Well, the Coronavirus has impacted all future marriage celebrations. On top of that, it has affected the natural human touch of personalised weddings because of the social-distancing regulations, too. But, don’t let me burst your bubble get some relief and practical tips at



    Last update: 24-11-2020 | 19:00

    Dutch government new emergency measures:

  • Prohibited meetings, social gatherings and weddings for clusters of up to 100 people. This includes events. But there is an exception for funerals.


  • Banned are sporting fixtures, discos, concerts and music festivals.. However, the above is subject to change. Source:


  • All subject to change!

But did you find this useful and are you like me still feeling anxious? Let’s face it, we don’t know how long it will last. So, let’s keep an eye on it. Therefore feel free to pop back for an even bigger picture. And greet with ease and wash your hands. Above all stay home, stay safe, save lives and stay strong!

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