Coronaproof Wedding Planning For A Safe Ceremony

coronaproof wedding planning outdoor ceremony couple walking up the aisle hand in hand

Coronaproof wedding planning for a downsized marriage ceremony is crucial. With vulnerable guests at the high-risk event you’re worried about their safety. Coupled with that, the virus makes us feel anxious, too. So, what is the safest thing to do?

Well, creating a sterile environment is not natural for us humans. That’s why stripped-back weddings are romantic occasions full of intimacy. It’s a touchy-feely moment with lots of kissing and hugging. But Covid-19 has placed an invisible barrier between us.

Sharing your love and happiness with the ones you love brings joy. And it’s has highlighted the importance of physical contact within the 1.5 social distancing measures.

So, will you venture out and have an unprotected wedding affair? How do you plan an enjoyable Covid-19 safe wedding experience? More importantly, how do you express your feelings without harming others? Well, have no fear you can create a coronaproof wedding ceremony. Here are some tips for a risk-free alfresco celebration. Read on…


Coronaproof wedding planning

Post Covid-19 wedding couples’ ultimate guide

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#1• Coronaproof wedding false sense of security

Firstly, social control is the rule of the day at your outdoor wedding arena. So, don’t give your guests a false sense of security. Everyone must observe and take preventative measures to avoid spreading Covid-19. And should be separated from one another, this safeguards that no-one becomes infected.

#2• Coronaproof wedding danger zone

So, what’s the safest way to express your feelings? How do you stay out of the danger zone? Well, if you are anxious please do not panic but think about this. You’ve poured your heart and soul into a wedding celebration. It’s a great time to come together and connect with family and friends. So, look forward to it and create a downsized version of the perfect day.

#3• Coronaproof wedding part one

Another thing how can you celebrate, feel comfortable and ensure everyone’s health and safety? How do you achieve a carefree ambiance in the absence of physical touch? Well, split your wedding up into two parts. Firstly focus on wedding part one, an intimate [civil] or small registry office ceremony. It’s the most important aspect of the day.

#4• Coronaproof wedding part two

And here comes the fun part, you can plan a micro wedding, big bash later or a live streamed wedding blessing. This way family, friends and relatives can attend the big day and join you virtually. Look don’t feel awkward or anxious about things. Just celebrate your way. Does this make sense?

#5• Covid-19 safety planning tip

Secondly, you might need to obtain a special license (grant of approval) if you want your favorite people to attend your backyard wedding. This gives you the go-ahead to serve champagne, canapes and sweets at the ceremony/reception. Ask guests to bring their own cutlery to avoid transmission of the Covid-19. Here’s more rules and regulations.

#6• Small wedding group 10 – 30 persons

Thirdly, a small and intimate wedding in your garden with 10 – 30 people [1.5 metres apart] could reduce the risk factor. This is the current guidance given to engaged couples who want to get married in Holland. But as of July 1st your venue [in the Netherlands] can accommodate up to 100 people.

#7• Spread-out the guest list

Additionally, due to the forced restrictions, only a handful of guests can be invited to your marriage celebrations. How does that make you feel? Well, don’t worry there will be more space for your loved ones at a smaller event. Otherwise, spread out your big wedding ideas over several days, this way everyone can enjoy the special moment with you.

coronaproof wedding planning outdoor ceremony couple walking up the aisle hand in hand

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#8• Backyard garden wedding cleaning tips

Additionally, make your dreams come to fruition: keep it safe and fun. And avoid any coronaproof wedding planning stress. How? Disinfect all surfaces at your venue before and after the ceremony.  This ensures everyone feels comfortable and puts their minds at ease. Don’t feel perplexed, just get the best disinfectants to kill the coronavirus.

#9• Coronaproof wedding hygiene tips

Another thing of great importance is everyone’s well-being and health. So, create enough space for loved ones to move around freely. And each wedding guest must wash their hands before, during and after the ceremony. So, keep alcohol-based hand sanitizer stations onsite. More importantly, the units should be visible all times.

#10• Face masks, gloves and bridal visor veils

And there’s more, self-care should be your top priority. With extra protection guests feel really safe before, during and after the ceremony.  So, add some personality to the event. Protective face masks, cloth mouth coverings, and bespoke hand wear will help. And you can design a bridal visor veil to match your outfit. Unique items for the finishing touch!

coronaproof wedding planning circle seating arrangement venue

image Dorytha Pang-Atjok

#11. Meaningful conversations

In truth the human tradition at a wedding is to kiss, cuddle, snuggle up and touch each other. Although, it generates a feeling of warmth, affection and happiness, the fear of intimacy is clouded by distancing measures. With no squishing and squashing going on, there is more room for meaningful conversations.

#12• Side to side seating

Additionally, no random wedding seating should be arranged. So, arrange side to side or back to back seating. And design an audio visual circle to highlight your bond of love. Decorate and space out 1 to 2 chairs [1.5 metres apart] with fragrant flowers, colourful bunting or biodegradable balloons.

#13• Plot out the garden logistics

And there’s more, an outdoor wedding celebration means the weather maybe unpredictable. So, plot, dig and figure out the logistics for a contingency plan, this makes the occasion extra special.  And don’t forget to use an outdoor a gazebo, tent or canopy.

#14• Seal the ceremony with a kiss

Lastly, don’t get complacent. Just bring the ceremony to the foreground with an altar to add the true essence of occasion. Although there will be an absence of the human touch you can still have a wonderful wedding day. How? Get guests to clap and cheer when you embrace and enjoy the first kiss. And remember the all important toast!

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