How To Create A Classic Wedding Ceremony With A Modern Touch

classic wedding ceremony

Are you dreaming of a classic wedding ceremony with a twist? Well, it gives every modern bride-to-be the opportunity to add a special touch to an ancient marriage service. But, how do you plan a joyous celebration? Firstly, you must get a license and a wedding celebrant.

Let’s face it, marriage is the legally or formally recognized union of two people in love. And look at it this way you’ve said yes and now you proudly wear the engagement ring. Officially engaged and feeling happy you are ready to start wedding planning. Basically, you want an extra personal feel to your day. That’s why a legal and valid marriage certificate  is required before you plan your thrilling and momentous ceremony. The document states your marital status as a couple.

So, knowing all this, what is your ideal setting for your twenty-first century nuptials? Here are some ideas for who can conduct your classic wedding ceremony with a modern twist on traditions. Read on…

Classic wedding ceremony with a modern twist


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Background information about traditional white weddings

The age-old institution of marriage is changing in many ways. And the traditional white wedding that unites you both in wedlock is a formal or semi-formal occasion. It originates in America and Great Britain. What’s more, the term captures the entire western wedding routine (Christian religious tradition). This includes a civil and/or church ceremony during which the marriage begins, followed by a reception and party.” Source: Wikipedia.

Officiate your wedding with someone who sounds like you

Coupled with the above, finding the perfect balance of old and new traditions can be stressful. And with the evolution of modern relationships, you can have a wedding celebrant lead your wedding ceremony. Even better, they can double up as your ring bearer or master of ceremonies, too. What’s more, your chosen officiant has a subjective view, is a good narrator and has lovely diction. So, get your marriage certificate in order.

Interfaith Minister of the Universal Life Church Monastery

Secondly, modern and individuals like you and your lover are redefining what it means to be in a relationship. You might be an atheist or non-believer. So, a universal life|interfaith church minister complements your beliefs better. An ordained minister performs your ceremony, where and when you want it. Your lives are unique and a unique marriage service completes your desired wedding day look. Read more about interfaith marriages. 

Know thy self-worth and fulfill your wishes and your dreams

Another thing, old wedding traditions are changing into something new and exciting. They reflect your true love for your partner in a way that’s contemporary, inspiring and empowering. So, ask a close family member or friend to conduct your marriage service. They have a profound bond with you. Find someone who is secure in the role as your ceremonial speaker. Get together with them to discuss the order of service. Moreover, with their help you’ll celebrate your classic wedding ceremony with a personal touch.

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“We always said we both had baggage, just different suitcases.”

Lady Toastmaster – Ceremonial Speaker

A bespoke wedding ceremony suits your free-spirited personality, moral values, and individual beliefs. And a well-dressed and well-spoken lady toastmaster is the answer to your fun alternative event. To put it simply they can function as both your interfaith minister, celebrant and wedding master of ceremonies. Hosted from morning, afternoon and through to the evening celebrations, you put a contemporary spin on your wonderful wedding day.

Get the royal treatment for your classic wedding with a twist

Finally, the tone of voice, your choice and your decision are key to a classic wedding ceremony with a modern twist. If Harry and Meghan (Duke and Duchess of Sussex) can have an interracial marriage and break the wedding rules, so can you. So, make a good impression with someone you feel comfortable and confident with. Let them shoulder the responsibilities. When you communicate openly and freely, they’ll use your input to share your history and tell your beautiful love story. Moreover, take your wedding to the next level in royal fashion!


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