How To Have A Different City Wedding in Amsterdam

Amsterdam city wedding

An Amsterdam city wedding can be one of the hardest things to arrange because of the bureaucratic legal paperwork involved. Although, planning your big day in the heart of Holland is exciting and at the top of your wish list. It’s still overwhelmingly stressful.

So, how can you ease the headaches? To begin with if you’re not a permanent resident or citizen of Amsterdam, you can’t get legally married in the city.  But, you can plan a tasteful event and find an English speaking officiant to conduct your celebration of love.

And for the record, if you want to host (as resident of Amsterdam) a civil wedding ceremony the venue must be a permanent structure with a roof. Above all, the local municipality must approve the location for a wedding. However, a symbolic wedding gives you the opportunity to marry in the venue of your choice. Here are 6 planning tips for your city wedding in Amsterdam without bureaucratic intervention. Read on…


City wedding without bureaucratic intervention

main image: stadsherstel | above image: Mariano Mantel

1•  Cruise city wedding

The idea of a cruise city wedding is very appealing. In Amsterdam you can tie the knot on-board a boat or at a museum. Whether you want a discreet and intimate ceremony or you invite everyone to the marriage service, you’ll need a master of ceremonies. Have you already found the one? No, ask a family member to lead the proceedings.

2• Include all the guests at your bi-lingual city wedding

Let me tell you,  it’s not difficult as an engaged couple to arrange a bi-lingual city wedding. Express your love, and keep with your countries marriage customs and traditions. And if, you’ve saved the date. Here are 10 ways to include close family, in-laws, friends and other guests at your city wedding party.

3• True Amsterdam style wedding ceremony experience 

Additionally an authentic Amsterdam style wedding ceremony experience can be enjoyed at a monumental venue. This is a great option for your big day. Check out these marriage tips on how to plan a Dutch city wedding that you will love.

4•  Family and friends need to understand your wedding

The ceremony is the most important and pivotal part of the day. And the truth of the matter is you want everyone to understand your wedding vows. Family and friends will feel welcome and it allows international wedding guests to share in your experience. Here are some fantastic tips for a multicultural wedding ceremony  that everyone will love.

5•  Marriage without limitations

With the above in mind find a beautiful Dutch monument in Amsterdam to hold your marriage service in English. Wedding couples all over the world have questions about entertaining their international guests. Basically, you’ll get ideas about creating a touching scene at your city wedding ceremony.

6• Find good advice from the English wedding planner

Finally, I’m native English and I speak fluent Dutch. As your marriage celebrant, living in Amsterdam, I know how significant it is for you to soften the culture shock between everyone. On top of that, the importance of bridging the linguistic divides with your international guests. So, create a magical city wedding in the heart of Amsterdam with my help.


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