32 Christmas Wedding Ideas For A Magical Celebration

Christmas wedding

Are you planning a Christmas wedding? ‘Tis the wintry season to be jolly “Fa-la-la-la-la, la-la-la-la” Looking for ways to celebrate your love during the most magical time of the year is every couples dream. But, how do you start your wedding planning amidst the lockdown 2.0.?

This joyful festive season of celebration only comes once a year. So, don’t get worked up about quarantine, work out how to celebrate your nuptials the way you want it.

Basically, there’s no need to feel bored, anxious or frustrated about the future. You’ve got ample time on our hands to get creative. So, I’ve rounded up 32 nice things to inspire you to resume your festive Christmas wedding plans. Here we go!

Christmas Wedding

1. It’s a magical time to mix & mingle, express joy and delight in the company of loved ones, cherished friends and very exceptional colleagues. www.goodhousekeeping.com

2. However, with lockdown restrictions and new coronavirus rules it doesn’t have to be lonely or a less happy time. So, livestream your Christmas day with absent family and friends. www.athome.com

3. Sadly, we’re forced to stay home. So, here is more to do with all the FREE time on your hands. Start now with sending out a “Glimmer of Hope Christmas Card” to your nearest and dearest.


Make your Christmas wedding the best Xmas ever. You can open your wedding presents and open your heart to the magic of the traditional festive season.

photo by Jill Wellington

4. How can we make Xmas 2020 unforgettable? With a theme, you add to the fun of the occasion. In fact, you focus on all aspects of the party from wrapping the perfect presents, the food, décor and invites.

5. Get an advent calendar, it tells the story of Christmas and helps you countdown to the best party ever at home. Otherwise get really creative and enjoy the happy holiday season with the tips from www.bhg.com. 

6. Taste of home has tips to cheer up everyone this festive season. From your front door to your indoor living space and Christmas tree they’ll help you create a  stylish backdrop. www.tasteofhome.com


Wintertime decor for your traditional Xmas tree. Use colourful trim, crazy lights, glitter ornaments and shiny balls to create a fun day. It’s tinsel & fir time on the 25th of December!

Christmas photo by cottonbro

Christmas Wedding II

7. Bring your front door to life with a Xmas wreath, tinsel & fir. And don’t forget to continue the theme indoors. Use decorative bunting and garlands for the fireplace.

8. Merry mocktails, Gingerray.co.uk – party supplies and thechampagnecompany.com have everything you need to turn a dull Christmas moment into a bright a cheerful one.

9. Pour on the colour this Covid-19 quarantine season with a merry, and cozy house.

10. Capture the magic of Christmas with a Drive Through Show. 

Christmas wedding during lockdown 2.0. image flickr.com

11. Organise a hamper for family and friends who can’t make it, let them know you miss them. And don’t forget “there’s no place like home for the holidays”.

12. Create an outdoor five minute extravaganza with Glühwein, mince pies, and crackers, invite neighbours to celebrate with you.

13. Or redesign your car park with crazy decorations and hand out the treats [1.5 meter social distancing rules apply].

14.  And what about watching a film with the kids? Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey is a 2020 American Christmas musical fantasy film.

15. So, get everyone knitting/wearing gorgeous knitted Christmas woolyknits: scarves, socks, mittens and jumpers. Get ready for the day with these favourite FREE festive patterns.

16. A Christmas wedding wouldn’t be the same without turkey, right? Well, with leftover bits why not try bite-size turkey club sandwiches and serve them at your winter wedding reception party.

17. Whether you’re looking for something special, awe-inspiring accessory or different decorations for your wedding. Don’t forget to include your pet or dog in the celebrations.

Christmas small dog with flappy ears dressed in red jumperChristmas wedding photo by Dominika Roseclay

Christmas Wedding III

18. Food Themed Christmas Tree And there’s more delights for “home sweet home” this festive season, “The Definitive Ranking of All the Classic Christmas Foods.”

19. It time to talk mouthwatering snacks, tasty savories, gorgeous chocolates, and irresistible Brazilian sweets brigadeiros.

20. Specifically, these 27 dishes from Purewow.com, ranked from most delicious to basically scrumptious.

21. Xmas & New years Cocktails Purewow.com has got you covered when it comes to appetizers, cocktails and yummy drinks.

22. Opening presents is the highlight of Xmas day. And that’s why we can enjoy being together at home during Covid-19 lockdown.

23. So, make the winter wonderland of your dreams and complement your festive fête with culinary showstoppers.


24. Xmas jokes, funny one-liners & Christmas songs are what Christmas represents for me. What about you?

25. For me it represents a unique family & friends time, catching up, and telling Christmas jokes.

26. So, assemble a glittering tree, put some presents under it, play some festive songs and enjoy the lockdown time in the comfort of your home.

27. Christmas wouldn’t be the same without music, right? So, why not download some of your favorites from Spotify.com.


28. Look no further for Christmas recipes and dinner ideas. Get into the spirit with Christmas food like mulled wine and mince pies.

29. And what about some extra entertainment it’s ideal for a lockdown gathering.  partydelights.co.uk

30. Never let the loudness limit your party! Find out more about the easy, affordable Silent Disco Dry Hire.

31. What about house rules I hear you ask. Well, we must apply to COVID-19 restrictions indoors. Check out your countries guidance and support lines.

32. Lastly, adorn fun face masks and festive hand gloves  instead of washing gel. Plus stand 1.5 metres [6 feet] away from one another to stop the spread of the virus.

Christmas wedding bride in sparkling off-white gown, holding hands with groom in a dark grey suit

Merry Christmas 2020 to you and your loved ones during this very testing time!


While you’re here…

Be savvy and create your Xmas wedding party! Leave your ideas, questions or comments below.

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