Summer Beach Wedding | 5 Seaside Venues in Holland

bruiloft op het strand in Nederland

Beach wedding venues [ceremonieel trouwen op het strand] in Holland are a wave of romance, excitement and filled with love, joy and happiness. Even though a seaside location sounds dreamy, it’s still extremely stressful to plan leaving your footprints in the sand.

During the summer months a beach wedding is a very attractive and exciting idea. However, you must remember that Dutch weather is similar to UK weather. And that means only one thing. You guessed it, the unpredictable conditions. Basically, the forecast could spoil your dream of walking in your stunning gown bare foot on the beach.

But, don’t fear… Holland seaside wedding venues have thought of everything. From a romantic pavilion, a pitched tent to an onsite reception room you’ll have dry guests at your heartwarming event.

So, if you plan a coastal wedding, just sort out your paperwork at your local town hall before heading off to the seafront. Here are 10 seaside wedding venues dotted along the seafront of the Netherlands.

Ceremonieel trouwen | Seaside Wedding Venues

ceremonieel trouwen op het strand in Nederland

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Beach club The Sunset

Oranjeweg 61 9161 CB Hollum – Friesland

Beachclub The Sunset in Hollum is located in the province of Friesland. And this romantic wedding venue is the perfect place to marry while feeling the sand between your toes! Situated on the tip of Ameland, you and your [ceremonieel trouwen] guests will fall in love with the panoramic views. What’s more, you can arrange a campfire and admire the Terschelling horizon and the most beautiful sunset in the Netherlands.

The Beach Club

Strandweg 1 4011 LZ Zoelen – Gelderland

Additionally, you can make your dream beach wedding come true at the Beach Club in Zoelen. Enjoy the breathtaking ambiance, the sultry summer wind through your hair and the soft sand between your toes while you say, “YES”. With it’s trendy bohemian theme you celebrate your wedding in a relaxed Ibiza style. Furthermore, complete your  ceremony with beach-side photo shoots, dinner and a celebratory party.

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Blu beach

Koningin Wilhelmina Boulevard 104 2202 GW Noordwijk – South Holland

Thirdly, you can experience the most amazing wedding day [ceremonieel trouwen] of your life at a classic Dutch location! Getting married at Blu Beach on Noordwijk beach will be extremely romantic and very informal. So, why not enjoy a celebrant-led ceremony and sunset together with family and friends. Most importantly, the seaside wedding venue caters for your kids too. They can play safely on the beach and swim in the sea.

beach wedding with white runway, seating and wind barriersimage flickr

Parnassia Aan Zee

Parnassiaweg 1 2051 EA Overveen – North Holland

Next is another top favorite for your beach wedding [ceremonieel trouwen]. Say, ”I DO” with your feet planted firmly in the sand at a stunning location in the Netherlands. Parnassia Aan Zee is an elegant place located between the Kennemer dunes, the beach,  and near to the Circuit Zandvoort- motorsport race track. From your wedding ceremony, reception to dinner party they’ve got you and your loved ones covered.

Meijer aan Zee beach pavilion

Beach exit De Favauge, Paviljoen 16 2042 TV Zandvoort – North Holland

Lastly, at Meijer aan Zee, you can splash out and really enjoy your Dutch seaside wedding [ceremonieel trouwen]! Not only do they champion you to create a magical ceremony, the restaurant cater for your every need. As well as the grand pavilion they own a splendid terrace, bar, veranda and a private beach side retreat. Moreover, situated on the beach, is the white wooden gazebo where you can hold your celebrant-led wedding.

beach wedding bride tossing bouquet to bridesmaids on the beach
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