Love Melodies and Powerful Words For Covid-19 Time

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Celebration of love poems are wonderful melodies and powerful words of happiness. Finding positive sayings of inspiration help us cope with Covid-19 time. Although, the right words can lift our mood. Which heartfelt words touch the right spot?

And if you are going ahead with your wedding plans, how do you use these powerful sayings for your personal vows? Well, song lyrics from the greatest soul artists can spice up the promises of desire.

Imagine your heartfelt words like a warm blanket of hugs and love surrounding your spouse to be.

But, there’s a problem: you’re no budding public speaker and need assistance with writing wedding vows. Well, don’t panic I’ve done all the hard work for you.

Here is some irresistible celebration of love poems from famous artists to nudge you into the limelight at your nuptials. Equally important, let them put you at ease and sooth your mind during the Covid-19 time. Take care. Read on…

Celebration of Love Poems

Powerful wedding love songs

Through the fire Through whatever, come what may For a chance at loving you I’d take it all the way – Chaka Khan

The greatest celebration of love poems found in a soul song

As a matter of fact, did you know powerful poetry is based upon rhythmical timing, rhyme and reason? Add a little melody and harmony and you’ve got a touching poem. Read on…

Tip.1  Endlessly – Randy Crawford

Firstly, songs from Randy Crawford are perfect to flutter heart strings, raises an eyebrow and excite your love. So, here are the very best of Randy’s songs, let them inspire you to create special personal vows.

“Higher than the highest mountain and deeper than the deepest sea that is how I will love you, oh darling, endlessly – Randy Crawford ~  Endlessly ~”

Tip.2  Endless Love – Lionel Richie

In addition, you know “you’re a “poet and you didn’t even know it, right?” So, get composing today; for your  celebration of love speech. Put pen to paper or record your voice. And jot down your deepest emotions in a diary. Be inspired by Lionel Richie & Diana Ross: Endless Love Song.

My love
There’s only you in my life
The only thing that’s bright
My first love
You’re every breath that I take
You’re every step I make

Tip.3  Bleeding Love – Leonie Lewis

All things considered your poem will be infinitely different, real and unique. So, be aware you have a remarkable story to deliver. Ultimately you have a revelation to share and some juicy anecdotes to tell. Get excited and find inspiring ideas from Leonie Lewis – Bleeding Love.

Closed off from love
I didn’t need the pain
Once or twice was enough
And it was all in vain
Time starts to pass
Before you know it you’re frozen

celebration of love poems song lyrics on album cover

George Benson – Give Me The Night

image Piano Piano!

Tip.4  Love x Love – George Benson

Are you worried? Well, there’s no need to worry. Even, if you feel there is nothing to say  find a quote from a song.  A shorter poem is easier to recite than an A4 sheet of paper.  Create the perfect celebration of love ceremony, and make it a true reflection of your unique friendship.

‘Cause we got love times love
It’s always there for us to share
And girl it sure feels good
To know you’re by my side


celebration of love poems woman dressed in a white dress sitting on white chair and smiling

Randy Crawford – Windsong 12″ vinyl LP

image vinylmeister

Tip.5  I belong to you – Brian Mcknight

And there’s more, have heard of Brian Mcknight, right? This soul king’s classic “I belong to you” song lyrics might spark sincere feelings for your partner. And your warm, loving words, heartfelt speech, and sincere emotions will have an everlasting effect on everyone. So, convey your true thoughts during the wedding ceremony with sensual soul music.

Until I feel your heartbeat pounding next to mine
I’ve got work to do
’til every single star up in the sky
knows that i belong to you
I want you satisfied anything your heart desires
Let my love provide
I want you baby,
Only you

Tip.6 Sweet love – Anita Baker

Let’s be honest, do you find it difficult to say the right loving words to your partner? Well,if you feel you’re not a charismatic, witty or eloquent speaker, keep calm! Just practice your lines in front of a mirror and ask a good friend to listen in. Perhaps you want to make it easy? Use these song lyrics from Anita Backer – Sweet Love.

With all my heart I love you, baby
Stay with me and you will see
My arms will hold you, baby
Never leave, ’cause I believe
I’m in love, sweet love

Tip. 7  My Cherie amour  – Stevie Wonder

So, remember that your poetic gesture means the world to your partner. In fact, whatever you want to share wedding guests will truly appreciate it. And if feels right for you, it’s the best thing to do! The perfect quote is pounding in your heart.

My cherie amour, lovely as a summer day
You’re distant as the milky way
My cherie amour, pretty little one that I adore
You’re the only girl my heart beats for
How I wish that you were mine

Tip.8  Ave Maria – Beyoncé

A love poem isn’t a manuscript, trilogy or your biography. It doesn’t have to be long and flowery. Sometimes what you need to say can be very short. Actually, it may be the fact that the poem is short that makes it special. Beyoncé Ave Maria song lyrics could do the trick.

“I found heaven on earth
You are my last, my first
And then I hear this voice inside…
Ave Maria”

celebration of love curly haired woman wearing white pants and a flowery pink blouse

The Empress of Soul – Gladys Knight

The ultimate celebration of love poems

Tip. 9 You are the best thing that ever happened – Gladys Knight

What about a few lines from the perfect love poem? It’s short, sharp and soppy length shows you carefully considered every word. In fact, you may like the Empress of Soul  Gladys Knight – “You are the best thing that ever happened to me” ? It could be the ultimate act of romance.

I’ve had my share of life’s ups and downs
But fate’s been kind, the downs have been few
I guess you could say that I’ve been lucky
Well, I guess you could say that it’s all because of you

Tip.10 #1 celebration of love poem – Roberta Flack

Finally, use humor, add anecdotes and express pure sentiment. Be passionately honest about your love poem. Otherwise, instrumental music is perfect to accompany your personal wedding vows.  Roberta Flack – The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face!

The first time, ever I saw your face
I thought the sun rose in your eyes
And the moon and the stars
Were the gifts you gave
To the dark, and the endless sky

Bonus tip: celebration of love poem by Oletta Adams

Lastly, how do you leave a loving lasting impression? You can set the temperature like a thermostat with this classic soul ballad from Oletta Adams entitled: Get Here, read on.

There are hills and mountains between us
Always something to get over
If I had my way, then surely you would be closer
I need you closer

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