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English Marriage Officiant Songs To Inspire Your Wedding Day

Are you looking for music genre ideas for your upcoming wedding in Holland? English Marriage Officiant – Clover Jean has some songs to inspire you. Listen now! These soothing jazz soul tunes might be the sound you are looking for. Get a taster and let your music juices flow.

English Marriage Officiant / Celebrant Songs

clover jean weddings marriage officiant songs in dark pink gown standing at altar.

English Marriage Officiant – British Expat Clover Jean

Music is sometimes birthed from the most bizarre or surreal experiences. One day, I – an English Marriage Officiant suddenly found myself underneath an invalid car with its engine roaring fiercely. The driver sped away, not even aware they knocked me down. Then proceeded to drag me along with their car.

After that traumatic incident, this officiant did some deep self-reflection, developed a gratitude mindset, and wrote the lyrics for ‘This is Me’. Listen now as I reveal the songs that reflected my highest high, lowest low and other observations of the world around an officiants/celebrant’s life.


Buy This is Me for ONLY € 9,99


The lyrics of ‘This is Me’ are from deep inside of an English Marriage Officiant, me. And the music composition is by talented composer Axel van Duin. If you love smooth, bluesy vocals,  then this autobiographical album is definitely for you.

To put the debut album together, it took a wonderful team to make this music project a reality. Recording Studio finalized the end production – mix and mastering. And a massive thanks to Graphic Designer, who built and produced the amazing CD’s artwork.

Celebrant song from debut album woman leaning on her hands abovea wall

Be the first to like exclusive songs from ‘This is Me’ – a Debut Album by Clover Jean

IntroducingThis is Me’ – an Exclusive Album by Clover Jean

So, buy ‘This is Me’ online. Take a pick from, iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, and Facebook.

Wait, there’s more… finally, a heartfelt thanks to the following professional musicians and individuals for their creative collaboration on an English Marriage Officiant’s debut album This is Me.

  • Clover Jean zangeres | vocals & Lyrics
  • Axel van Duin – Music & Bass
  • Remy Vogel – Guitar
  • Betrand Robinne – Drums
  • Thomas van Dijk – Keyboard
  • Michel Vermeulen – Recording Studio Peggy51
  • Tinman: Michel Oudendijk – CD Artwork


Get the songs on the FULL ALBUM – THIS IS ME. Listen Now

With chilled sounds of jazz beats to power your naming ceremony downtime. Be one of the first to LISTEN NOW to the full album.  BUYThis is Me’! Hurry, grab it while stocks last!

And, do me a favour, please…Leave your comments, questions or suggestions below. I would love to hear your feedback if you are having a baby naming ceremony.

Problem with downloading the song? Send me an e-mail

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Master Of Ceremonies – Wedding Toastmaster For Hire

Struggling to find a master of ceremonies, marriage officiant or wedding toastmaster to officiate your marriage ceremony, party or event? As your lady toastmaster I’ll get your guests to mix and mingle!


I am at your wedding service and ready to entertain with a speech and portray your love story. Together with that I’ll sing a tune to get everyone in the mood to party with you. Get into the spirit. Celebrate your big moment in  style!



Myself and my fiancé had been living in Amsterdam for around 4years and we knew we wanted to get married here, as it is now our home. We also knew we wanted a relaxed, yet ceremonial wedding which was a little hard to find.

We are both traditional in the sense of our morals, but relaxed in regard to how this should be delivered and to ensure our 2 families enjoyed themselves and understood as Nayan is from a Hindu family, and myself from Manchester (not so exotic!).

I searched for a while for celebrants, when I came across Clover Jean via the web. As we all know, the internet can be misleading so we arranged a meeting asap, at our venue in Amsterdam.

As soon as we met Clover Jean, my fiancé and I kicked each other under the table and smiled. The immediate warmth, compassion and understanding we felt from Clover Jean was incredible.

We explained briefly what our expectation was for the ceremony and she understood us immediately. We met for about 45minutes and discussed the day, ceremony expectations and next steps.

As soon as we got home we agreed Clover Jean was the person for us. Aside from the above mentioned, her experience and knowledge of her profession sealed the deal in choosing Clover Jean for the wedding and how she could guide us through the process. Source: Mr & Mrs. WP


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Sir Notch – Gimme That Sunshine Feat. Clover Jean

Sir Notch. SN is one of the aliases of Dutch singer-songwriter/producer Christon Kloosterboer. He has been working with Hardwell, Sam Feldt and Dash Berlin. And Sir Notch recently co-wrote Go For The Gold by Rudenko & Aloe Blacc.


Sir Notch – Gimme That Sunshine Feat. Clover Jean

As an improvisation actress and aspiring professional dancer I had a supporting role in the Sir Notch – Gimme That Sunshine video. And the song airs the ultimate summer feeling, it is still a favorite of mine. Enjoy it! Gimme that sunshine with Clover Jean!

Sir Notch - Gimme that Sunshine zangeres met toga en mooie sieradenDo you want to know more about me?

Here ‘s something more about me, the dancer behind the Sir Notch music video. In 2008, I founded Clover Jean Entertainment. And have had many decades of rich experiences as a celebrant, singer and entertainer.

Do you know what I am about to reveal next? I’ve starred in quite a few adverts. It is always an honour to be chosen out of hundreds of candidates to take part. Read more about me and what others say.

Have you got a good impression of who I am? I’m happy to share a little background information with you. And there’s more..if you want to plan a special event, I’m available.

This could also be of interest to you…I’m also a master of ceremonies, it’s a rewarding and fulfilling job. And if you want me to host your event just contact me. Use the form below. Hear from you soon. Take care!

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Black Coffee – Ella Fitzgerald Sung By Clover Jean

Black Coffee – Ella Fitzgerald Sung By Clover Jean. Plus a bonus track “Gonna Build A Mountain by soul singer Dusty Springfield.

Black Coffee

Gonna Build A Mountain

Filmed in the sunny Algarve, it’s a fun gospel song. In 2008 – 2010 Clover Jean was part of this Dutch gospel & soul formation. Courtesy GQ | Video credit & copyright: Alan Bredenhorst & Fablefactory.

Black coffee

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