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Clover Jean – Courtesy GQ | Gonna Build a Mountain

Courtesy GQ Gonna Build a Mountain. The Algarve was the stunning background for the filming of this music video.

In 2008 – 2010 Clover Jean was part of this Dutch gospel & soul formation. In addition Gonna Build a Mountain originally sung by by Dusty Springfield. Courtesy GQ | Video credit & copyright: Alan Bredenhorst & Fablefactory.




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Small Black Gospel Choir For You Church Wedding

Do you want to experience goosebumps during your wedding ceremony? Well, a small black gospel choir can create the right atmosphere for you.

Trouwdienst | wedding ceremony

With the right songs you will achieve your dream and enhance the romantic scene. You could be looking for a large choir, but due to limited space at your chosen wedding venue it’s not possible.

So, don’t worry a personable small black gospel choir is the perfect solution for wedding ceremony music.

Fill in the form below or contact me directly for more information about booking the choir.

gemengd koor small black gospel choir

image |


ABC Gospel Choir supplies great live gospel & soul music in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. For your fundraising event we have promotional prices. The promotional prices are tailored specifically to fit your foundations and charities celebratory event needs.

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The Storytelling English Trouwambtenaar – Marriage Celebrant

Whether you are planning a wedding or commitment ceremony. As your Storytelling English trouwambtenaar – marriage celebrant I can preside over your wedding & unique celebration of love party.

With my love of storytelling, you can also book me with a gospel choir with or without gospel robes.  For more information, e-mail or call + 31 (0) 6 148 17242

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International Wedding Celebrant for Your Personal Ceremony

From London, Amsterdam, Paris and New York as your officiant –  celebrant [native English | fluent Dutch] I’ll conduct a “international wedding” in storytelling style.

Tweetalige bruiloft ceremonie | Bilingual & International wedding

Together we will create the perfect love story with lots of joy and happy tears of laughter.  And as your bilingual celebrant [tweetalige bruiloft ceremonie] I’ll express the warm and intense feelings you have for one another with your international loved ones.


Basically, my specialty is English | Dutch celebrant-led wedding ceremonies that ooze romance, fun and have the wow-factor!

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Clover Jean | Jazz zangeres | Debut album – This is Me

Hire a jazz singer [jazz zangtrio] for your wedding ceremony, wedding breakfast or wedding feast. You can also book a small jazz band for the fraction of the cost.

Otherwise, listen to the songs on my debut album. They reflect my highs, lows, observations, perceptions and generally my personal vision of life. This music project was made possible through the help and support of others. Recording Studio finalized the end production: mix and mastering. And Graphic Designer who designed this website has created the CD Artwork. Why not, listen live now!

Many thanks to the following professional musicians and individuals for their creative collaboration on my CD album – This is Me!:

  • Clover Jean– Vocals & Lyrics
  • Axel van Duin– Music & Bass
  • Remy Vogel– Guitar
  • Betrand Robinne– Drums
  • Thomas van Dijk– Keyboard
  • Michel Vermeulen– Recording Studio Peggy51
  • Tinman: Michel Oudendijk– CD Artwork

Did you enjoy what you heard? Like the website or vocalize your thoughts!

Or call today and create a special ambience with suitable background music. Besides, this jazz singer will entertain and thrill your guests! Do not hesitate to contact me today.

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