Cash Wedding Gifts Sparks Debate Among Wedding Guests

cash wedding gifts

Receiving cash wedding gifts isn’t a taboo subject or a rarity anymore. Actually, it’s a bold wedding trend that is thriving. So, feeling embarrassed or awkward about accepting your guests special present is a thing of the past. But, how do you ask for it?

Well, your guests’ gesture is a far better option than getting a heavy boxed gift. Even though, a wedding gift hamper seems like an attractive idea and comes to the rescue. Let’s face it, a wrapped gift can cause a serious headache. Therefore, an envelope is a more discreet and easy option. Get the money you need for your big day paid directly to your bank or Paypal account. This is more advantageous.

Now, I hear you thinking…. how do you ask for cash wedding gifts for your impending wedding. Well don’t worry, I’ve done all the hard work for you. Read below 5 subtle steps about respectfully asking for cash instead of a physical gift.

Step 1• Have a wedding whip-round to personlize your special day

So, how do you address the touchy subject of cash wedding gifts? The answer is to have a whip-round and allow your guests to contribute to your wedding wish list. Paying for a wedding puts a massive drain on your finances. Receiving some extra cash will help cover the expenses.


White and green thank you note for wedding guests

Now we are to be Mr. & Mrs. we don’t need a wedding list of dishes because we have two kettles, two toasters, two microwaves. We require a house for which we have to save. If you would like to give us a gift, a cheque or vouchers would give us a lift. A ‘Wishing Well’ filled with your love, will help us build a home based on true love. –

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Step 2• Rules of conduct of asking for a gift of money

In addition your wedding can escalate to more than £30,000. So, if you or a family member is footing the bill, this is a sizeable chunk of money. On a positive note, part of that spending includes the key reason why you require a monetary present. The question is, how do you tell your guests? Read about the rules of conduct of asking for a gift of money. 

Step 3• Choose the best time to tell family and friends

Be courtesy and provide everyone with unique envelopes for your cash wedding gifts.They are enticing wrappers for the biggest day of your life. And encourage your guests to go through your wedding registry list at their own leisure, in their own time. This guarantees all of you peace of mind before and at the wedding.

Step 4• How much to ask for your cash wedding gifts?

Although a wedding gift is not sacrosanct and may be non-traditional, a cash donation helps towards your dream day plans. But how much should you get? Basically,  request as much as you need (within reasonable limits). It’s a grateful way to thank you for your hospitality. Tip: Send a wedding envelop to deposit the donations. And set up a secure postbox at your venue.

Step 5• Wedding donations in memory of a loved one

Again you and your guests are passionate about giving back. And family and friends will gladly help you to achieve your dreams. So, share your happiness with others less fortunate than yourself. Celebrate the life of a loved one by collecting donations in their memory at your wedding. Moreover, make a donation as charity wedding gifts or they can donate part of the money you receive to your chosen charity.

Step 6• Thank your guests for their wedding gift

Last but not least,  you’ll be glad with your guests contribution. So, make sure to thank them for their cash wedding gift. Send them a message via social media. Otherwise, deliver a card or an appreciation note for attending your big day. Above all, for supporting you and giving you a wedding gift of money. Use the above “Thank You” example, to show your gratitude.

A man in a denin shirt holding hundreds of euros against his chest.

Truly blessed with all that we have. Your presence and prayers are all that we request. However, if you desire to give nonetheless, Monetary gift is one we suggest. –

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