8 Bridezilla Warning Signs During The Wedding Planning

bridezilla warming signs

Are you screaming about your wedding day? Well, that sounds like bridezilla warning signs to me. Here’s another clue. You’re a sassy bride stressing about your big day, but your hysterical behaviour could be causing tension. I hear what you are thinking…

Face it, you have a problem sharing, needing and asking for help. The thing is, you want it all and you want it immediately. And there’s more… With your wedding lingering on the horizon your good intentions to plan the picture-perfect day may go dramatically wrong.

So, what are more of the bridezilla warning signs? Well, if you’re busy ticking all the boxes for your exhaustive wedding list, breathe in and breathe out the stress. Don’t follow in the footsteps of so-called unreasonable brides. With a bit of ingenuity you can have your cake and it too. Most importantly, everyone will come out of the wedding relatively unscathed and you’ll have years of good luck. Read on…

8 Bridezilla Warning Signs During the Wedding Planning

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1. The screaming blue murder bride to be

Lets be honest, these hints could help you have the best of both worlds. Are you temperamental? Or a ridiculous spoiled diva who thinks the world centres on her during the “show”? Well, before and throughout the wedding celebrations you might want everyone to drop everything. What’s more, have a tantrum.  The blissful marriage will not last more than a couple of years, if the henpecked groom to be is lucky.

2. Notable concessions with the wedding planning

Here is another home truth. It’s your wedding day and you’re in charge of what happens. However, there’s a danger of you bottling up your emotions and not being receptive to love. So, to avoid the horrible drama scenes, crazy feelings and the unexplained sense of disappointment, let go. Yes, make some concessions. Release unnecessary unresolved issues, and ensure the make-up of your celebration is relaxed, loving, fun and stress-free.

3. Bridezilla warning signs affect your new married life

Do you want everyone to come running to Bridezilla’s needs? The sad thing about bridezilla warning signs is that you won’t enjoy your big day with your gallant groom properly. Or entertain your guests with great conversation. What’s worse, you’ll start off on the wrong step to your new married life. It may not flourish the way it should. And, the likelihood that you’ve developed your own way of compromising and settling disputes could damage your special bond too.

4. Dramatic wedding celebration loose and unstructured

Taking the above into consideration, a wedding represents true love, a committed relationship and the bonding of two unique families. Your aim should be to have a happy ending to your big day. Moreover, throwing a hissy fit or temper tantrum can ruin the event. So, be fearless! And enjoy celebrating your love with the smooth running of a well-organised and uncomplicated special celebration.

5. Difficult to let go on the big day

In fact your relationship deserves to be nourished and have a chance to grow and mature. What’s more, it’s important to resolve any disagreements before the wedding ceremony. Plus, don’t be inflexible or have a meltdown. Give up your control issues on the big day. Stay focused on planning your wedding together. And don’t walk around with them buried in your heart.

6. Big day dreams of nightmare wedding scenario

Do you feel like your partner is interfering? The ceremony marks the beginning of an open and shared respect for each other’s needs. And declaring your love and adoration publicly under the watchful eyes of your loved ones should be the happiest day of your life. Don’t let your love be over shadowed by the worst-case scenarios, from natural disasters, things out of your control to guests being late.

7. Mobile phone and social media addiction

Another thing, emotional outbursts are avoidable. So, start an exciting phase of your lives as you mean to go on. Put away your mobile phones, don’t call anyone and avoid social media on the big day. Beforehand, do the marriage groundwork and give your partner the attention they deserve. Shower your unique event with a positive vibe and mark the occasion with an overblown gesture of love.

8. Sharing and keeping things sweet and simple

Finally, during the wedding planning listen to your partner’s spur-of-the-moment needs. It echoes the love you share. Their input adds an extra dimension and reflects on your relationship. Without a doubt, this will be stunningly striking. And all your family and friends will witness how much you support and cherish each other on the wedding day. Are you a bridezilla? Take the bridezilla quiz and find out more.


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