Boat Wedding Venues The Perfect Place to Tie The Knot

Boat wedding venues

Boat wedding venues in Amsterdam’s canal belt [grachtengordel] are breathtakingly beautiful and romantic. Giving you and your partner an immersive boating experience and safe haven to celebrate one of life’s happiest moments. Discerning guests will be impressed with your choice of location. But, how much should you splash out?

And what customised boat best suits your wedding vision? Let’s face it, Amsterdam city is out of this world and is the perfect exquisite spot to tie the knot. So, marrying on a canal boat will certainly make your special day a delightful, unusual and unforgettable escapade. However, if you are a destination bride, there’s something you must tackle before planning your nuptials onboard.

According to Dutch law, a legal civil ceremony must take place on dry land, before you navigate the waterways. And it should be in the country where you live.

So, before you hail all hands on deck and set anchor, you’ll need to know what your boating options are. No worries. I’ve rounded up some amazing boat wedding venues in Amsterdam. Also, I included a few on the outskirts of the city to inspire you. Get ready to hoist up the mast. Here we go…

Boat Wedding Venues | Amsterdam

Photo credit: Ashu Shah

Jeroen Krabbe Boat Company, Amsterdam

Widely known on the Amsterdam waterways this floating location is ideal. Jeroen Krabbe boat is certified as an approved wedding venue. And along with other luxury ships and friendly passenger liners your guaranteed a special day indoors or outdoors. Create a memorable wedding experience with a canal tour aboard an open top classic or modern love boat. What’s more, a celebrant can oversee the civil ceremony but not the legal paperwork on board the stylish fleet of Jeroen Krabbe Boats. 

Rent a Boat, Amsterdam

Boat wedding venues come in every shape, size and shade. Celebrate your large or small wedding in sheer elegance with Rent a Boat Amsterdam, and with peace of mind. You and your guests are ferried through the canal belt of Amsterdam in style against a stunning backdrop. During an outpouring of love and support your outdoor ceremony becomes a buoyant start to a trip of a lifetime. Find out more at Rent a Boat about the vast selection of wedding boats.

blue boats canal tour amsterdam located near hard rock cafePhoto credit: Jon Dickson

Rederij de, Amsterdam

Thirdly, you can push the boat out and rent a private pleasure boat. What about calling ship ahoy from the heart of its hub. Rederij de Nederlanden has an enormous fleet of historic boats, elegant barges and modern city tenders. In addition, they have a great assortment of party vessels. Book your favorite boat inclusive of snacks, drinks, a complete dining service or self-catering.  Transform your wedding into one of the happiest days of your life with Rederij de Nederlanden., Amsterdam

several barges and house boats located along the amsterdam canal

Photo credit:Carlos Perez

Strömma, means ‘flow’ and allows you to ride the crest of a wave. Dedicated to helping you organize a stress free and pleasurable wedding day, this boat company is at your beckon call. It boasts a long history of excellent service. Not only that, they’re also one of Amsterdam’s most accommodating and friendly venues on the water. Stromma are experts at hosting wedding ceremonies on its extravagant cruise ships and cozy canal boats. So, check out comfortable boat wedding venues.

VOC Ship, Amsterdam

voc ship amsterdam anchored by nemo and the ship museumPhoto credit:oeilevenement

How about an exclusive wedding theme based on the pirates of the Caribbean?  By boarding the 18th century VOC Ship it will add to the magic of your wedding day. Coupled with that, this replica of the historical sailing vessel (spiegelretourschip) is the perfect venue for your celebrations. Anchored near to the Scheepvaartmuseum (ship museum). Finally, everyone will feel relaxed aboard this spectacular decorative ship. Contact them for more details about your event.



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