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Blow-up church

Bas and Madelon’s real wedding took place in the grey blow-up  church in the heart of Hoevelaken the Netherlands. And the imposing tent erected on Bas’s family run farm, became the ideal backdrop for a festival themed inspired wedding.

In fact, the happy couple and their guests were guaranteed a memorable event at their  summer outdoor celebrations. It was the extravaganza of the year.

Not only that, the towering life-like imitation church fully-equipped venue offered the party goers plenty of room to relax. The hired band raised the roof. In addition, the dance floor was ready for everyone’s moves.  Actually, the bar stacked with snacks and drinks for the evening reception was perfect.  So, read about the real wedding below…

Bas and Madelon, a Dutch couple live and work in Hoevelaken. And they are music festival lovers and travel buddies. Furthermore, they are the proud parents of a beautiful baby boy. And in their spare time they enjoy walking their dog. Continue reading the real wedding of Bas and Madelon in the blow-up church.

Blow-up church wedding

blow up church in Holland  Happy couple: Bas and Madelon

Venue: Blow-up church Hoevelaken, The Netherlands

Date: 4th June 2016

The Venue

The grey blow-up church, a jumbo sized air-filled gazebo stood against the backdrop of the beautiful acres of farm land. With the weather predicted to be sunny skies, high winds and blustery rains it was the perfect setup for a festival wedding. The alternative party tent with a wedding throne offered a traditional yet modern feel to the nuptials.

blow-up church surronded by blue, red and white ballons

The Wedding Consultation

Basically, Bas searched all over the internet for my wedding services. We finally caught up via the phone and he, I and Madelon got together to discuss their vision of the wedding day. We met on Sunday afternoon at the De Jaren Café, Amsterdam. Additionally, we chatted about hosting a traditional wedding with a modern day British-Caribbean celebrant twist.

The Planning

The happy couple obtained their marriage license beforehand. So, we got to work with composing their love story. We revised many drafts. Bas and Madelon felt it was important to include special family members during the ceremony. And together we created an entertainingly heartfelt speech with personalized wedding vows.

Dutch wedding planners

Alternative wedding celebrant @ Opblaasbare Kerk Hoevelaken

The Ceremony

Adorned with the words Mr. and Mrs, the makeshift wedding throne awaited the lovebirds. As the bride entered to the band playing their signature tune. Bas stood nervously with me at the altar in preparation for the reading of their speech. And it was a stunningly romantic moment.

The Vows

Madelon uttered her personal vows from the heart. Suddenly the weather gods arrived. And as Bas sung his vows to Madelon the winds took hold of the blow-up church and detached one side. Fixed within minutes, we were able to return inside to witness them say, “YES, we do”, embrace and kiss one another.

The Symbolism

To conclude the ring bearer Bas’s nephew came forward to present the precious circles of love. As oohs and aahs rang out throughout, Bas and Madelon lovingly exchanged rings. Followed by the signing of the symbolic certificate by them and their witnesses. Finally, I marked the momentous event with a ceremonial mallet. Moreover, the perfect ending to an exciting festival wedding was sealed at the two hearts became one.

The Wedding Songs

Processional:  Man in the Mirror – Micheal Jackson

Musical intermission: Hero – Mariah Carey

Recessional:  Oh Happy Day

The Wedding Suppliers & Vendors

Musicians – The Young Beethoven

Venue – Opblaasbare kerk |

Wedding photographer – Renée Groenhuizen |

 The Feedback

Dear Clover,

We are truly grateful to you for your help during our ceremony and especially for being a wonderful wedding celebrant.

All the best, Bas & Madelon Watch Bas and Madelon’s wedding

Over to you…

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