Spring Wedding Colour of the Year You Can’t Miss

spring wedding colour

The bridal spring wedding colour of the year is ultraviolet. And it’s part of the radiant purple palette, which is a combination of masculine and feminine colours. But, how do you incorporate it into your wedding theme? This vivid shade affects how you feel. read more

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Collection of Reassuring Resources For Loved Ones Eulogy

Loved Ones Eulogy

Here you will find a collection of reassuring resources for your loved ones eulogy. And there are other beneficial links for a celebration of life eulogy. Losing a loved one is never easy and writing their eulogy can feel overwhelming. read more

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Destination Wedding Celebrant Designs Beautiful Ceremony

destination wedding celebrant

A destination wedding celebrant can design your ceremony anywhere in Europe, UK and further afield. But, the question is what sort of marriage service will it be? Well, humanist weddings are very popular because it gives you the opportunity to marry anywhere you want. read more

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Dutch Marriage Legal Paperwork – Read This Now

Dutch marriage legal paperwork

Dutch marriage legal paperwork plays a key role in your upcoming wedding. Especially, if you want a celebrant to conduct the proceedings, then you must arrange for an official registration. But how do you sort it out and separate it from your wedding ceremony? read more

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Beautiful Dutch Church Weddings in the Netherlands

Dutch church weddings

Dutch Church weddings in the Netherlands are personal, beautiful and spiritual. Not only that, they are also rich and full of meaningful experiences. That’s why the ceremonies have a distinct feel. The combination of prayers, vows, candle lighting, gospel choir and hymns brings your Christian marriage together. read more

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