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Dutch Wedding in Amsterdam: What You Need to Know

Dutch wedding in Amsterdam

So, you like the idea of having a Dutch wedding in Amsterdam. Or you prefer to have a civil partnership celebration. Even though you are foreign and you are not a permanent resident or citizen of the city, it is possible to have a cross-cultural marriage or civil partnership registered. read more

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Great Wedding Day Hair: 9 Tips for the Perfect Look

The sweeping changes of wedding day hair can make it difficult to find the right style. But, how do you achieve great wedding day hair? There are several options when it comes to choosing a look; from straight, to curly or even a bridal up-do is possible.

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How to Become a Gospel Singer


As a gospel, soul and jazz singer, I’ve experienced lots of deep emotions and technical stumbling blocks. I didn’t realise that it is a lifelong learning journey. So, I must admit, looking back, I made many terrible mistakes during my career as a singer. And, guess what?

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12 Difficult Wedding Planning Decisions that Unique Couples Make

difficult wedding decisions

Emotions can cloud your judgment and affect any difficult wedding decisions. So, if this is your first marriage what are the things you are dwelling upon? Let’s be honest, the most elementary principles of a successful marriage is the planning of the impending nuptials.

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Festival Wedding: Tips For The Perfect Outdoor Event

bruiloft buiten

The perfect outdoor wedding event for you the bride to be is a summer fete wedding. It’s an unique, memorable and personal experience to share with close relatives, family, in-laws and best friends. But how do you get started with all the arrangements? No worries! Read on and find out.  read more

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