Best Man Wedding Speech Tips For The Longest Applause Ever

best man wedding speech

Do you think the best man wedding speech is important? Well, the champagne toast is a public gesture to congratulate you the newlyweds on a new adventure as man and wife. And if he wants to have the longest applause ever, he needs to drop his tough-guy bravado.

Basically, the best man wedding speech should be bubbling over with joy. But, how should he address your guests? His big moment unites all your wedding guests, family and friends. With your toasting flutes and the guests champagne glasses filled to the brim, your best man is the right person to give the wedding toast.

He speaks usually after the father of bride at the reception. Or else, he can convey his well wishes to you and your new husband before the opening dance. So, to help him achieve the longest applause ever I’ve compiled 8 important things he needs to say. And stuff he can do at your reception or party to receive a standing ovation for you and your partner. Read the ultimate tips for the best man’s champagne wedding toast.

Best man wedding speech

groom smiling at bride and best man and bridesmaids watching on during an outdoor wedding.

Best man wedding speech dilemma: Time to hear from the bride? In May 2018, Meghan Markle reportedly planned to break with the tradition for royal brides by making a speech at her own wedding reception. Source:

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1. The history of champagne wedding toasts

Firstly, employ the right clever tactics to ensure your wedding reception is a hit. Allow the best man to be elaborate, daring or funny with special end of speech remarks. He can stick in topical references, about the present day. Read more about the history of wedding toasts and use the examples to help your best man.

2. Introvert or extrovert | mortifying or exhilarating

Secondly, is the best man an introvert or extrovert? Will he deliver a mortifying or exhilarating speech? Although, you and the groom will be predominately centre stage, he needs to tell a warm, heartfelt, mixed with humor speech. And the best man has the confidence to recite, share engage with your guests, remember you want him to do well.

3. Best man is the wingman

But, what can the best man actually share with your guests? Let’s be honest, empathy is the art of seeing the world as someone else sees it. When you have empathy as the best man, you understand what the bride and groom are feeling in a given moment. That means your groom’s best man (wingman) has an important role to play.

4. Embarrassing stories

Nevertheless, the best man’s expression of love should be in the form of a riveting and personal speech. What about those embarrassing stories? Usually he conveys the one about yours and the groom’s first encounter. Decide if you want him to do that. Make sure you and the groom feel comfortable on your big day.

5. Enter into the arena of diplomacy

Along with the above simple points diction exercises will help him learn how to speak clearly, too. These are the primary functions of a best man’s job while making personal announcements. He might have the intention to comment on yours or the guests’ behavior. Whatever the best man decides, in a polite way he should sum up the overall emotions of your special day.

6. Dutch courage & humor

Another thing, if the best man is apprehensive about his upcoming speech, then a little Dutch courage (a drink) might help beforehand. Not too much though or he will miss the positive reactions from you the blushing bride, grateful groom and happy family and friends. Otherwise, he should use humor (clean, fun and child appropriate) to break the ice.

7. Thank everyone for coming

Additionally, if someone else in your wedding entourage has not thanked your guests. Then that can be a nice task for your best man. Invitees have travelled to attend the reception venue to celebrate. They’re excited and keen to hear the newlyweds love story, anecdotes and surprising facts.

8. Final word of praise

Lastly, to finish off the best man could feel flustered but his speech should contain a final word of praise to you both. He must raise his champagne filled glass to the bride and groom and wish you the best for the future. And ask the rest of the wedding entourage to accompany him.


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