5 Amsterdam Church Wedding Venues to Spark Your Imagination

Amsterdam church wedding venues newlyweds leaving building and guests looking on

Amsterdam church wedding venues are a beautiful location for your non-denominational marriage ceremony. Regardless of your nationality your secular nuptials void of religious elements can be held on a grand scale. But, where do you begin your search?

Let’s start at the beginning. Many of the Dutch are Calvinists. What is a Calvinist? “An ascetic person (working hard, rational, systematic, and not being allowed to enjoy the money earned). But, don’t let that put you off, getting hitched in Holland. The churches would be graced with yours and your guests presence.

And did you know this? The Dutch are linguists and you won’t be hindered by a language barrier or figuring out the order of events wording. Most marriage officiants, wedding celebrants and humanist celebrants are bilingual [English & Dutch].

Do you want to know more? Take a look at the 5 most wanted Amsterdam church wedding venues to host your marriage service. Thereafter contact a local wedding authority to talk you through the key steps. So, get ready to host your secular ceremony in the house of the lord. Read on…

Amsterdam church wedding venues

Vondelkerk streetview Amsterdam Church Wedding Venues

Photo credit: www.stadsherstel.nl – vondelkerk

Stadsherstel Amsterdam church wedding venues

Firstly with many of the historic sites are listed buildings from “Stadshertel Amsterdam”.  As part of the restoration program you can hold your big day in anyone of their architectural gems. Graded on their importance, the church monuments set your non-denominational wedding apart from the rest.

Amsterdam church wedding venues bride, groom and lots of family and friends listening to church service

Photo credit: www.stadsherstel.nl -vondelkerk

Vondelkerk – Church of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, South Amsterdam

Secondly, Vondel Church dates back to 1872. The gothic landmark stands among stately homes on the edge of the famous Vondelpark. It’s a happy marriage of classic charm and contemporary style. Capture your magic moments prior to or after the spiritual ceremony. With its rich history, striking vaulted ceiling and facilities the sought-after venue is the ideal backdrop for your Dutch wedding. Vondelkerk – Stadsherstel. 

s white small church in the Dutch village of Schellingwoude

Photo credit: Schellingwoude kerk – Stadsherstel Amsterdam

Schellingwouderkerk Church, Schellingwoude  

Thirdly, Schellingwouderkerk is a distinctive venue. Built in the 14th century, the church rests on a dyke within Schellingwoude in Amsterdam North. In truth, the restored rural setting is a wonderful romantic hotspot for your nuptials. And an organist can play your signature tune. Additionally, guests can arrive by car or boat to the premises. Moreover, the stunning place oozes pure tranquility for your photo shoot. Lastly, the entire village is your destination love celebration location. Source: zalen@stadsherstel.nl

amsterdam church wedding venues pink wedding aisle runner leading to the Amstelkerk, Amsterdam

Amstelkerk – Stadsherstel Amsterdam church wedding venues

Additionally, situated on a beautiful square this quirky wooden church on the Amstelveld is ideal for your special celebrations. It is one of the most splendid Amsterdam venues for an expat city wedding. Furthermore, the 17th century Amstelkerk is an attractive place for joining your two unique families together. And for your string quartet or choir, it has amazing acoustics. Basically, anything is possible in this marvelous space.

man and woman standing on an altar in front of a stained glass window

Photo credit: Stadsherstel Amsterdam

photo courtesy of Stadsherstel Amsterdam

De grote kerk van Schermerhorn

Additionally, you can enjoy a romantic marriage blessing at the Grote Kerk of Schermerhorn. Oozing authenticity your non-denominational ceremony will be truly unique. With a comfortable and multi-functional surrounding, this is a wonderful start to your new married life. Basically, you can continue the fun celebrations and have your opening dance on site. So, experience the joyful Dutch wedding traditions and become part of history.

Posthoornkerk. Midden in de stad, aan de bruisende Haarlemmerstraat

Posthoornkerk, Haarlemmerstraat – Amsterdam, Holland

main image: Alessandro Grussu

Posthoornkerk – Amsterdam church wedding venues

The Posthoornkerk has bundles of historic character. And located on the bustling Haarlemmerstraat, it’s a well preserved venue. As one of the most important remaining nineteenth-century churches in Amsterdam, it has great cultural heritage significance. And the neo-Gothic Posthoorn church with its three slender towers is an eye-catcher. So, create a traditional or modern inspired event here. More importantly, as an official wedding venue of the Municipality of Amsterdam you’ll have a memorable time.


Are you eligible to officially marry in Amsterdam?

In fact, the first cardinal rule to abide by is to give notice of marriage. It is a civil wedding equivalent to reading of the Church banns. Therefore, sort out all your legal marriage paperwork in the country where you reside. And before you plan your alternative wedding celebrations get a priest or celebrant.


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