7 Key Wedding Music Moments Personalise Your Ceremony

Key Wedding Music Moments

Romance, storytelling and key wedding music moments go hand in hand. From the processional, walking down the aisle to the recessional [exit music] it highlights the ceremony. Music enhances your emotional experiences during the significant event.

And listen to this… it tugs at your heart strings, settles your guests’ and gets them in the mood to celebrate with you. But, have you thought about which songs represent you and your partner at each important stage? Well, all you need is a minimum of three key wedding music moments to bring your ceremony alive. However, you could opt for seven to create an unforgettable event.

Below are the seven key wedding music moments to transform your big day celebrations. These key steps are a major feature of your marriage service and add an extra personal touch to your dream day. So, follow these ideas and enrich the proceedings. Here we go…

Key wedding music moments

bride in off-white wedding dress wearing a furry jacket standing next to the groom dressed in a gray checkered wedding suit

1.Processional – walking up the aisle

During the initial moment of your stunning entrance create an uplifting atmosphere. Heartwarming tunes at your marriage ceremony will empower you. Choose a sentimental song to reflect your love for each other. Or, one that highlights your deepest feelings for your partner. A romantic ambiance and picturesque scene works wonders.

2. Wedding vows interlude

Wedding vows, the signing of the marriage certificate, the exchanging of the rings and the kiss are symbolic. Make it an extraordinary event with an ambient or introspective song to mark each phase. It complements your unique personalities and adds more delight to the fleeting moments.

3. Signing of the marriage certificate

Enjoy your marriage service to the max! Additionally, ceremonial music will guide you during the signing of your marriage certificate. Better still, use songs to highlight the lighting of the unity candles. For some extra guidance, discuss with your celebrant about the most appropriate songs and the best music for your love and commitment ceremony.

4. Wedding readings and love quotes

In addition, by including family and friends they will feel extra special and part of your big event. So, transform your ceremony with wedding readings, love quotes and popular songs. Here’s a tip, get a choir to combine them all into a customised song, it will not cost you the earth. At https://www.bagsoflove.co.uk/blog/best-love-quotes/ you’ll find a huge selection of heartfelt quotes. Use them to accentuate the theme of your wedding.

5. Build suspense before the big kiss

A key wedding music moment means a powerful ballad or a solemn song for your ceremony. Basically, it expresses your innermost love for one another before the everlasting kiss. Pick a romantic tune that describes both of your unique personalities. The first song you listened to together or you embraced to is perfect.

6. Recessional – walking down the aisle

Mirror your happiness and fulfillment during your wonderful celebration. Let your confidence shine. Make a magnificent departure as you walk back down the aisle, when the ceremony draws to the end. The final closing remarks from the celebrant requires attention, too. Exiting the venue is the most overlooked part of the wedding.

7. Weddings leave you feeling beautiful

Finally, bringing your ceremony alive with music should be at the top of your wedding list. And your single important key music moment, is when you leave the venue as a couple. So, set the mood with an uplifting song. Traditional, modern or a catchy sing-a-along song is ideal. Bring your wedding to a spectacular romantic climax. And blissfully stride hand-in-hand as happily married newlyweds back down the aisle of love.

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