Wedding Master of Ceremonies: 4 Simple Tricks to be the Best


For more than 20 years I’ve been a master of ceremonies and female wedding usher. I have mastered the art of communication and entertaining wedding & party guests. So, imagine being able to attract the attention of guests while keeping them engaged and amused.

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Gospel & Soul Show: 6 Reasons to Hire Music Entertainment

gospel- & soulgroep

Include a gospel & soul show to your wedding or corporate event and create a distinctive feel. The joyful harmonies of the choir are perfect for creating the right ambience. In addition, a soulful musical performance enriches the celebratory mood.

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Getting Married at Home: 6 Tips To Transform Your House

Getting married at home is a great idea. Whether you have a tight wedding budget or extra cash. You can hold the reception in the comfort of your home. And you can organise the ceremony in your garden. Plan your special big day with these tips.

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Getting Married in the Netherlands: 8 Steps Needed to Create A Wedding

getting married in the Netherlands

Whether you are getting married in the Netherlands or planning a home wedding the average cost of your big day is between €12.000 and €20.000. So, if you don’t have a large amount of money. And before you start organizing your ultimate marriage ceremony, consider setting a budget.

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Win a FREE Wedding Dress from Janetta Bridal worth €2000

wedding dress

Why win a FREE wedding dress when you can buy an affordable wedding dress? Let’s face it you’re getting married and you need a dress. What’s more you want a stress-free and low budget big day.  So, save money and get an exclusive gown for under €150 from Janetta Bridal.
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